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5 helpful Lawn Mowing tips to ensure proper lawn care.
1. Maintain equipment:
Your lawn mower is likely the most utilized tool in your garage. Through both weekly use and storing your machine lawn mowers require proper maintenance. The better your lawn mower performs the better the results will look.
We recommend to winterize your machine once the season comes to an end. Then have a tune up done in the spring, to include a new spark plug, oil change and sharp blade. Throughout the cutting season ensure you have a sharp mower blade regularly check the fluid levels.

2. Grass Length:
The length of your grass effects the overall health of your lawn. A properly trimmed lawn will help reduce the number of weeds which grow throughout your lawn as well help promote a healthy root system.
In the summer, we recommend cutting your lawn no shorter than 2 ĺ inches or so then about an inch longer on the winter. One of the most common improvements we see when evaluating the lawn care of a property here in Boise is the length of the grass, usually being cut too short. By leaving your grass just a touch longer it helps it retain water and endure the heat of our summers.
3. Cutting conditions:
For proper lawn care we recommend mowing your lawn once every 7-10 days when grass is completely dry. Many professional mowers can cut grass in damp conditions but most residential machines tend to leave clumps of grass behind when it is mowed in wet conditions.

4. Directional Mowing:
We all like a nice pattern after we finish mowing the lawn, showing onookers just how great of a job we did. Another trait is most of us are creatures of habit and naturally tend to follow the same patter week after week, year after year. This can actually cause damage and at the least isnít ideal for optimal lawn care causing compacted soil in the high traffic areas.
We recommend cutting your lawn in an alternate pattern every other time you mow your lawn. This will help reduce the soil compaction and a much healthier lawn.
5. Mowing Safety:
This should probably be under the first bullet point and is ultimately the most important. Lawn mowers can cause serious harm to others in the yard or yourself.
Make sure you are familiar with and have the ability to operate your mower as instructed by the manufacturer.
Never reach down to the mower base while the blade is engaged.
Always be aware of where your feet are in relation to the mower. When you take corners or back up with a push mower it is possible to get a little too close to your feet.
Clear the area of any debris such as rocks or toys essentially any objects which are not grass. These objects can be picked up and shoot out of the mower in an unpredicted manner causing damage to property or others in the area.
We also recommend that you not allow pets or children in the yard while you are mowing it. Things happen that are unexpected and this is just one extra precaution we recommend to protect your loved ones.

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