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Are you facing utter confusion about which thread tap you should opt for and which to reject? Confused about their exact purpose? Well, if you are new to the construction business then the presence of such confusion is valid. A thread tap is essentially a useful piece of tool that is always present in the toolkit of a construction worker. Taps are available along with a die for threading. Needless to say, metric thread taps can be confusing for an amateur stepping into the construction business. Here is a detailed analysis about the same.

What is the purpose of a tap?

Wondering what the purpose of a tap is? What is the use of such a tap? The use of a thread tap is to form the female part in the tap-die mating part. The use of such a tap is to form threads in a hole. Like for example, the taps are used to form nuts whereas; the dies are used to form bolts.

What is the different thread taps types that are available?

There are a variety of thread taps that are available. Each of these taps holds a special quality which makes them suitable for a singular purpose. There are different categories for different thread taps. They form categories according to their sizes and comprises of UN thread taps, ACME thread taps, and so on.

Listed below is a category of thread taps as per their shapes:

1. Straight flute taps:

Are the most affordable type of taps that are available and has threads that are straight with a ribbed surface.

2. Spiral flute taps:

They are of common use with machines and produce deep and accurate threading because of its unique design.

3. Pipe taps:

It is smaller than all the other taps out there, and find application in multiple ways.

4. Long shank machine taps:

These taps are longer compared to other taps, and are mostly used with machines.

5. Gun taps:

Gun taps have an angular cutting face with straight flutes. These types of taps provide with an accurate cut because of their unique design.

6. Spiral pointed taps:

These taps are in use in high-speed productions and are similar to gun taps. However, the cutting face cut the first threads at a pre-determined angle.

7. Machine NIB taps:

These taps are mostly in use in nut manufacturing, and the design ensures that the nut thread shape is perfect at the end of it.

How much does thread tap costs?

Usually, thread taps cost around $45 per piece. However, the price varies depending upon the diameter of your thread tap and is definitely location specific. Like for example, the price of UN thread taps will be different from the price of an UNC thread tap.

So, still overwhelmed with purchasing some new taps? It is essential that you handle the metric thread taps with care while cutting and use the right technique to do so. What are you waiting for? Go right now and make your purchase!
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