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India tours and Yoga is tried and tested. Yet; Travel Astu, one of the best tour operators in India, seeks to make it even better. We understand that our country is vast, and therefore believe, in customizing India holiday packages. We are sure there are many Yoga India holiday packages. In our endeavor, we strive to help you to treasure this Yoga destination even better.

Of course, Yoga is at the core of our India tours philosophy too. Our attempt is only to make it a fulfilling experience for you-about Yoga, and India tours. While you continue to visit Yoga sites, you will also know about en-roots of this ancient practice in India, with us.
We present to you Golden Triangle Tour, and 15 days is all we ask from you, to know Yogic motherland.

Day 1- your wonder tour starts from Delhi. Our representative will be there to receive you at the airport. You may ask him as many questions (from a local perspective) on your journey or yoga destination. Our representative will humbly guide you.

Day 2- following day, you will visit monuments of Delhi. Interesting historical facts are attached to each place. You may also notice the grand architecture of each monument. Holy places like Jama Masjid, will also be a part of your day itinerary. On the same day, you will reach Dehradun by flight, and in half n hour from there, you will be in Rishikesh.

Day 3-9- welcome to heavenly abode of Rishikesh. This place is full of bliss, amid its natural and serene surrounding. Being here means, relaxation of mind, body, and soul, as there is something mystique in the clean, pure, and fresh air, soothing your senses. Your yoga practice and journey starts-at this wonderful site.

Every morning, you will be a part of yoga camps starting at 4 am. Yes, you can choose to start you daily yoga ritual and detoxification, with an early rise

You can be a part of the organized yoga class at 6.30 am, and another session at 8.30 am

You can have your morning supper at 8.30 am and lunch from 12.30 pm

We know you seek knowledge, so 11.00 am is the time to hear divine and inspiring lectures on the subject

In the evening, you will witness the stupendous ritual- Aarti (worship) on Ganges. It is a mind-blowing experience to watch locals performing special light ceremony every day. It is flawless, and is inculcated ritual of Hindus

Have an early dinner, and take this opportunity for another Yoga discourse. It is best to interact with yoga disciples, and seek more information on a personal basis

There are cultural evenings, dances, campfires, and more evening happenings.
Day 10- you will spend time in Agra, observing rich cultural heritage of the city. Agra is an epitome of Mughal architecture, including the very famous Taj Mahal. You can enjoy the scenic beauty and people around.

Day 12-14- your time starts of Delhi-Jaipur highway. Observe different facets of Jaipur (en route), and once you reach here, enjoy another gem of Royal Rajasthan. You leave for Delhi on Day 14.

Day 15- Relax in Delhi, take out time for shopping, the choice is yours. Airport transfers will be arranged by us.
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