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It is vital to have robust plumbing system at homes in order to avoid any sort of water leakage and pipe bursting problems. Blocked sewage lines and clogging of drains are common plumbing problems which should be repaired by an expert in order to avoid such conditions in future. There are several companies that provide plumbing and water damage restoration services but only few are as good as Infratek.

Infratek is one of the leading company that offer wide range of plumbing services such as locating water leaks (איתור נזילות מים) and moisture problems, at unbeatable charges. They employ advanced devices and modern techniques in order to provide superlative sewage pipe restoration and other plumbing services. They boast a team of expert plumbers and efficient resources for determining liquidity and other moisture related problems.

Some of the services provided by Infratek are as follows:

  • Detecting liquidity and moisture related problems: They employ advanced techniques to detect moisture in wall, liquidity and other water sealing problems. They make use of infrared cameras, optical fibers and thermal scans to find failures in sealing and thus they are able to detect water leakage problems without any excavation or destruction.

  • Drying and repairing water leaks: Moisture can harm the building construction greatly as it causes mold and over-damping of building materials. Moisture can also cause bacteria and mold to develop which can lead to bad odor. Infratek offer services for drying of moisture and restoring the structure to its original state quickly and efficiently.

  • Locating underground liquidity: This can also detect and repair underground leaks in gardens, swimming pools and courtyards. For this, they make use of latest techniques in order to avoid unnecessary digging and destruction in your beautiful garden.

In addition to this, they also deal in restoration and renovation of sewage pipes, building inspection and locating and mapping underground infrastructures.

So, if you are the one who is looking for experienced plumbers for restoring water leaks and sewage related problems then Infratek is the one stop destination for you.

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