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Do you have questions about international mail processing systems? ARGO Customs Brokers have the answers. ARGO Customs Brokers are experienced at assisting companies to move their goods through the customs process from the border and the country. Their experienced team of brokers can advise you on the import duties and taxes in Canada to ensure that your goods move smoothly through the customs process.

Canada Post

The postal system is more than a parcel and letter delivery service; it is also empowered to deliver and collect duties and taxes that are owed to the government. To facilitate this service, Canada Post is authorized to charge the recipient a handling fee. This service allows you to expeditiously pay your duties so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your business.

Detained Goods

Furthermore, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) is authorized by the Customs Act to interdict and detain goods that may be prohibited, controlled, or regulated under any Act of Parliament. These extensive powers grant the CBSA broad leeway in investigating and detaining your goods, so it is critical that you have all of your customs clearance papers and confirmation of paid duties.

Remitting Import Duties and Taxes

Luckily for individuals and families who bring in items that are of little value, the Postal Imports Remission Order requires the CBSA to remit all duties and taxes paid or payable on imported goods that are valued at $20 or less. The mailed item must be the only shipment in the transaction to receive the remission, or if there are a series of payments, the total value of the goods and payments in the single transaction does not exceed $20. Mainly, this facilitates purchases from small online retailers who sell individual items internationally, think Etsy.

Gift Exemption

Under tariff item number 9816.00.00, if the value of a gifted item does not exceed $60, individuals can receive them from friends and family duty-free and tax exempt. If the gift is valued at more than $60, then the portion of the gift exceeding $60 is subject to tax.

The remittance and gift exemption are not combine-able.

Companies and associations do not qualify as under the gift exemption as a donor or recipient.

ARGO Customs Brokers

If you try to bring in commercial goods using the Canada Post and they are detained, ARGO Customs Brokers can assist you. Simply provide an inventory letter (which are issued by the CBSA), and ARGO Customs can handle the rest. ARGO Customers Brokers are experienced at the customs process and know how to comply with import duties and taxes in Canada. Contact ARGO today!

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Date Added : 14-10-2016