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There is nothing great as compared to having a newborn at home. If you just had a baby or you are going to have one in a few days, then buying the clothes for your baby might be the best decision. However, in such cases one is often faced with the difficulty of guessing the gender of an unborn kid. There is a little segregation between the clothes of a newborn thus your focus should remain on buying reasonable clothes for your baby.
Babies look beautiful in bright colors. While choosing their clothes you must remember that you should not buy clothes of dull colors for your baby. You should choose colorful outfits for your baby. Most people buying multicolor clothes for their newborns. It is of pivotal importance that you must buy tops and bottoms that contrast each other.

You should not put all of your focus on the colors but give the adequate attention to the design as well. Newborns look cool in the outfits with texts, cartoons pictures or other designs. You can have your newborn wear tops with label mentioning dad, mummy or grandparents. This will not only make you happy but your newborn will also look good in these outfits.
You must ask your parents for suggestions about the clothes for your baby. If you are confused, take them for shopping with you and they will be able to guide you in a better way. You can also take any friend on neighbor if he/she has a good dressing sense and you are certain that they will be more than happy to help you buy clothes for the baby.

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