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Building a new and healthy routine may seem like a dreary mile run at first, but if you are diligent, it does not take much time to convert habits into instincts.
Here are some tips for you to improve your habits and slowly get rid of those bad ones.
Baby steps
Start small. Say if you want to wake up early in the morning every day irrespective of the day of the week do not set the alarm for 4:30 am right from the beginning. There is a good chance that you might wake up once and start hitting the snooze button right from the very next day. Instead work your alarm clock hourly. For instance, if you are in the habit of waking at 8 am set the alarm at 7 am or 7:30 am even. This way the pinch will be negligible and improvement gradual.
Ask Why
Make sure what you are changing is what you want and is best for you. Do not include a habit just because your favourite star or personality does so. Then it is an imitation that may not always turn out to be a plus for you. It may be as simple as the way you stand or as complicated as you conducting yourself in a given situation. Personal or not the change must add positivity to your demeanour and not subtract from it.
Make smaller goals and ensure to follow through. The more time you spend consciously engaging in your new routine it will help you subconscious to absorb the change faster.
Get help
Let your near and dear ones know about your goals. Having a strong support system will be an added advantage when you are trying to build healthy habits. They may not act as a yardstick for your progress. But will definitely function as your outward conscience for boosting your morale and keeping you on track.
Eliminate excessive decision making
There is a difference between ‘self-control’ and obsessing over targets. Do not make too many decisions which would make the task seem like a tedious endeavor. For instance, if your goal is to lose weight, micromanaging your diet will not help your cause. Worrying about that teaspoon of sugar you took in the morning and pivoting your entire day on compensating that spoonful will not make any difference in the long run. Similarly missing on a day’s work-out out of a rigorous regime will hardly affect your fitness level.
Do not do everything at once. Analyze your habits and then prioritize your changes.

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Date Added : 27-2-2017