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What lures a consumer the most. A world that they can witness or the one they can experience? Perhaps this is one of the biggest present day challenges in front of establishments and content creators. The latter quality has had tremendous fame over the past few years with the uprising of Virtual Reality. It is true in most cases that when you are involved, you are influenced. But still, there are some situations where you would prefer to be a spectator than a player. Or rather, it is easier to be an observer than a participant. And of course a consumer would always prefer the easier route. For example let us take the case of a typical cinematic narrative and a Virtual Reality narrative. What will you go for. Would you prefer to wear head mounted displays and transport yourself to another world or would you rather just enjoy a narrative by remaining an outsider? Interesting muddle, isnít it? After all, the only question is how one can enhance his ....READMORE
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