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Many of us are faced with the challenge of hiding our body odour throughout the day. Whether its meetings or social gatherings there is a constant fear of you smelling like a crow dunked in something fou
Body odour is basically caused by the bacteria feeding on the fat present in your sweat. The stronger smell is the waste material created by the bacteria

Tips for beating body odour

Bath with warm water

Hygiene is most import when dealing with bad odour. Take quick washes or bath as soon as you are back from the outside. Even if it goes up to 3 times a day. Also, researchers have concluded that taking a warm shower will be better at dealing with the bacteria than a cold one.

Use an anti-bacterial or deodorizing soap

This will make your baths more effective against bacteria.

Baking soda

You can try applying baking soda as you do your talcum powder after a bath on the areas that are prone to sweat. Being a hypoallergenic compound it is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and will help absorb sweat, clean and clear exposed pores. If it fits your routine, you can try mixing a little bit of corn starch for ramping up the absorption properties of the mixture.

White vinegar

Its anti-bacterial properties help keep the bacteria at bay. Also, being an astringent agent it helps coagulation. You can either put a 50-60 ml of the vinegar in your bath water to fortify the skin against odour or dab it with a cotton ball in the problem areas.


This natural rejuvenation is also useful against body odour. It's exfoliating and anti-bacterial properties will enrich your bath water. Squeeze in two limes in the water, this will counteract the bacteria and help to cleanse your skin.

Essential oils

Often used in perfumes for their aromatic properties they also have medical uses. For instance, the tea tree oilís antibacterial nature makes it the best alternative to fighting bacteria in the sweat prone areas. Similarly, pine, lavender, peppermint apart from providing protection are fast drying. Moreover, reactions from essential oils are rare.

Shaving the arms and pubic areas

These are the areas that are the most susceptible to sweat and therefore keeping them clear and smooth can help you avoid a lot of odour issues.

Try out these easy home remedies and pick which works best for you.
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