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A blog all about hands. How we keep them healthy and how we keep them warm. We spent years working at a computer with a cold mouse hand. Now, we don't need to have the cold stop us from doing our work. We found a hand warmer to keep the late night winter chill from our mouse hand. It's the Mouse Hand Warmer. The purpose of the Hand Warmer blog is to post articles and information about ways to keep our hands warm. When people think of cold hands they naturally think of a cold winter day, but we've found people who have cold hands during the summer months, too. Have you ever sat at the computer in an air-conditioned office and suffered from numb fingers trying to type or use the computer mouse? This blog is for you. Hand Warmers are used in just about every sport, and now they are also available in geek gadgets, i.e. the Mouse Hand Warmer. We hope you will join this blog and tell us your stories about Warm Hands, Cold Hands and novel discoveries you've made in search for the perfect Hand Warmer.

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