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Class 1 SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
Introduction to SEM
Organic Vs Inorganic Searches
What is PPC (Pay Per Click)
Benefits and Importance of PPC
Setting up a Google Adwords account

Class 3 PPC Campaign Setup

Setting Up a New Campaign
Campaign Name
Search Network
Display Devices
Bidding & Budget
Class 2 Adwords Keys
CTR(Click Through Rate)
CPC(Cost Per Click)
PPC Advertising Routing
Destination URL
Display URL
Quality Score
Class 4 Ad Groups & Ads

Create an Ad Group
Create an Ad
Ads Preview
Class 5 Keywords
Keyword Research
Types of keywords
Keyword Selection
Add keywords to Ad Groups
Diagnose Keywords
Class 6 Quality Score
Understand Quality Score
Improve your ad quality
How Does Google Determine Which Ad is shown where
How Does Google Determine What You Pay
Class 7 Tools & Analysis
Change History
Google Analytics
Keyword Tool
Traffic Estimator
Placement Tool
Ad Preview and Diagnose
Class 8 Landing Page
Landing Page for PPC
Importance of landing page
landing page Vs. Ads
Landing Page Optimization
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