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Clear glass is translucent, removing the visual barrier created by a shower curtain. Adding glass features opens up the bathroom, creating the illusion of space. This visual trick is popular with designers working with limited square footage when remodeling bathrooms. A glass door prevents water from leaking out of the shower without partitioning the shower space.

Frameless glass shower doors can be installed in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Whether the shower is in a corner of the bathroom, against a single wall, or free-standing in the middle of the room, a glass enclosure can be designed to fit the dimensions. Working with a professional glassworks designer, a homeowner can achieve the desired look with the visual appeal of glass shower wall surfaces.

Complementing Glass Shower Enclosures

Gold or silver shower fixtures are the perfect complements to glass enclosures. These are sleek, smooth, and durable, withstanding many years of use. Adding sink and toilet fixtures featuring the same metal creates a visual flow in the bathroom. Bathroom feng shui is important because this should be a relaxing room where the family goes to wash away daily troubles.

Adding frameless glass shower enclosures to every bathroom in the home is more affordable than most homeowners imagine. To reduce costs even more, find a glass design professional who offers free consultations. Work together to create the perfect shower area without exceeding the remodeling budget.
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