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Write, Write, Write
The first and best way to increase readership is by writing more. You have to write at least two to three times a week if you want people to see your blog and go on it. It is important that readers feel like you are committed and serious about your work. If your blog only appears once a week or once a month on the Internet, it may deter people from checking it out.
You also have to make sure your titles are attractive and catch the eye of the readers. Donít look for an overwhelmingly long title, however, go for something short, clear and straight to the point. The title has to be self-explanatory, so the reader knows what the article is about right away and clicks on the link knowing what to expect. There is nothing worse than a vague title that lures you in and is simply a waste of time. People will not come back to your blog if they did not like it the first time.
II. Create A Relationship
You will have to create a relationship with your readers. Interact with them by commenting on their own comments. Ask them questions at the end of each article and force them, in a nice way, to give their own opinion on the subject. It is important that your readers feel connected to your blog and to you. Keep readers active and engaged by creating a safe environment for them to talk and give their thoughts no matter the subject.
It is important that you take care of offensive comments that might hurt people and push away readers. You have to stay in control over what people say without censoring them, as long as they respect each otherís opinions.
III. Promote Yourself
Donít forget to promote yourself on the Internet. The best way to do it is by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or even YouTube. Videos with written articles are always good. Some people do not have time to read long articles, but they would not mind watching a two to three minute video.
Social media is a free and effective way to promote yourself and make your blog known. Post regularly on social media even if what you say is irrelevant to your article. Give your opinion about the news or other subjects simply to get your name out there.
IV. Read and Comment Othersí Work
Reading, sharing, and commenting on other peopleís work is also a great way to stay connected and bring readers to your blog. Put a link to your blog after you comment on someone elseís blog, give your opinion, and interact with them. Bloggers should read other blogs and if you show interest in someone else's work they might show interest towards yours. Therefore, you create, a relationship with others that will help you grow your blog and bring traffic to it. If you share someoneís blog on social media, they will certainly do the same.
V. Keep Pushing
Readership does not come in one day. You have to keep working hard for weeks, for months, sometimes for years until you reach a successful number of readers and become a reference on the Web. You have to be patient and work hard. Keep promoting yourself and getting your name out via social media, even more when you become successful. If people followed you all the way to stardom it is because they like you and what you do, so keep striving for greatness!

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Date Added : 6-1-2015