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Four advice on how to pass to a positive parenting

Did the disagreements with your teen exasperate you, as well as the constant battle for power and the traditional techniques on how to raise your child? Are you ready to give positive parenting a chance, but you are not sure how to start? If you are a beginner, this advice recommended by specialists might ease your transition.

1. Reconsider your target and the role of parenting
It is very helpful to give up the prejudice of having to control your child’s behavior. It is an exhausting effort and something that you will never manage to do because the only person that you can really control is you. The purpose of positive parenting is raising a caring child, with a strong feeling of what’s right and correct and with the inspiration and self-discipline to touch his highest potential.
It means that your role is to be his model, and encourage him, and to be his mentor. You must pass from the guy who punishes him to his healer. Instead of punishing your child when his behavior is inadequate, you search for the source of his pain that caused his bad behavior and you do what you can to heal it. It can be a misunderstanding, tiredness, hunger or frustration.
2. Reconsider discipline
You must think about discipline in a different way. The purpose is always teaching your child how to control his emotions, his time, his behavior etc. it is why you should ask yourself what the kid needs at that moment to be able to self-discipline. The answer is never an arbitrary punishment.
3. Control yourself
It is probably the most difficult aspect of positive parenting: controlling your thoughts, your words, and your actions. It is hard to give up on old habits, and you can easily get back to a negative thinking, screaming and the desire to punish your kid.
Just like any other domain, taking control of yourself takes exercise. The more positive you choose to think despite the toxic thoughts, the more you relax and breathe some fresh air when you are angry, the easier will be for your brain to take the new path.
4. Involve your partner
Of course, you cannot control your parent either, but you can influence and inspire him. Explain to him the reason why you chose to raise your child like that, your goals and your new plan. Make sure your partner understands that it is not about a permissive education.

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