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Writing Help
United States, New York
This is a writing Help blog. Here I am trying to promote good creative writing. All help on writing, grammar, punctuation, style, literature, etc. will be cleared for the readers....
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Losing My Religion
Asia, India
My blog is a reflections by a wannabe writer/jounalist/humanist/woman. It features articles, stories, poetry and rantings travesing various genres....
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The Bamboo Sea
Asia, China
The Bamboo Sea is an online collection of short stories,poetry, sketches and articles by writers living in China....
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Orna Ross Creative Intelligence Blog
Europe, Ireland
Website of acclaimed Orna Ross offering help, support and inspiration to writers and creators around the world, includes blog on Creative Intelligence....
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Rushin Speaks
Asia, India
This blog is about things and philosophies, which shape my beliefs about life and people. It contains reviews, critiques on books and movies, or how I feel about things in life. Topics cover Nuclear Deal, Bill Gates, US Elections and poems....
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Ollie Lind
Oceania, Australia
Poems and observations about life, love, friendship and everything that people care about.

Poetry exploring insights experiences and feelings gained living life.

Poems on life inspirational poems love poems friendship poems poems about life family our society and life in the world today.

One of the greatest sources of joy for me is writing poetry. It releases my soul and allows me to express beauty, sadness and what to me is the essence of living; being connect...
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Term Paper
United States, New York is aimed to help you with academic writing. There is useful information about how to write A+ term paper ...
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Everyday Radi
Oceania, Australia
Everyday Radi is a blog by the MD of DPM Creative Group and Monday Records. ...
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Notebook of a Gamer
North America, Canada
Site is meant for documentation of thoughts, ideals, and standards of old and new games we play....
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Just Suppositions
United States, Wisconsin
A blog by James Gapinski featuring poignant, literary prose; it utilizes philosophy, storytelling, and humor as a means of social commentary. Guest blogging opportunities are available for those who resonate with the material. Relevant art submissions are welcome....
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Sober Dreamer
Oceania, Australia
My name is Jon. Sometimes I have strange dreams....
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Publish Articles Online - Edubook
United States, New Jersey
Collaborative weblog that allows freelance writers to publish their articles for free. Visitors can browse topics of interest and subscribe to feeds online....
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Writing For Riches With Booklets
United States, Washington
Are you looking for a fast, easy way to get into print? C'mon over to Writing For Riches With Booklets where you'll discover how to make big money writing little booklets!...
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The Unexplained Truth
United States, Georgia-USA
There are certain things we cannot explain until now. Get all the information of mysteries, truth, spirituality,etc...
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Teaching Kids to Write
North America, Canada
Dianne is a writer who loves sharing creative writing ideas and tips for motivating kids to write. Her Teaching Kids to Write column is full of practical suggestions that you can use to help your children or yourself become better communicators. ...
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