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El Espacio de Hernan Haines
South America, Argentina
This blog is about political situation in Argentina....
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Actualidad Politica
United States, Alabama
Liberal-Conservartive blog in wich you can see the lastest news of spain and European Union....
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Queers United
United States, New York
LGBT activist hub with action alerts for the Queer community!...
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Protect Oregon Property Rights
United States, Oregon
The blog reveals the detrimental effects of Oregon Measure 37, which passed in 2004, and has resulted in development claims amounting to over 15 billion. The majority of the claims have been filed by large land-holding corporations that seek to develop the land, which lies in some of Oregon's most beautiful scenic areas. The blog proposes the passage of Measure 49, which will be on the ballot this November, and will correct the outlandish proposed development claims under Measure 37. ...
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Big Commentary
United States, New Jersey
Politics, humor, and critique of the craziness that is our world. My blog primarily focuses on current events and policy that affects the United States. The total list of topics, however, is large in scope. Basically, whatever is in the news and is a hotly debated topic is fair game. I also write in both a serious and humorous style depending on my mood and the topic at hand....
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United States, New Jersey
Providing you with a social liberal´┐Żs opinion and rational view of U.S. politics, foreign policy, and world events. Liberalism: A political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual...
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Thhe Global Conservative
United States, Illinois
Providing information and rational perspectives on global issues with a philosophical twist...
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Demablogue-Opinions of a Citizen
United States, Indiana
A concerned citizen posts his opinions and analysis of government, politics, history, current affairs, ethics, morality, international relations, and constitutional law....
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The Operative Blog
United States, Florida
A politically oriented blog whichi includes serious articles, humor, and everyday thoughts from a conservative point of view....
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Terra Incognita-The Undiscovered Country
United States, California
International perspectives on contemporary culture and politics....
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Vincent De Roeck - For our heritage and freedom
Europe, Belgium
Vincent De Roeck, heritage, freedom, civil rights, individual liberties, libertarianism, prosperity, new society, free world and bright future....
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