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Latin American Politics - By Thiago de Aragao
South America, Brazil
Latin American politics explained in a direct, easy way by political analyst and international researcher Thiago de Aragao....
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Vilhelm Konnander's weblog
Europe, Sweden
Politics and security in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia...
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Barack Obama for President
United States, New York
A surprised, amused and critical look of an european on the american elections....
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Statism Watch
United States, Georgia-USA
A media compilation and forum exposing statism and its roots from a Canadian perspective....
Blog Details > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 31-7-2008
The Diary of a Secular Conservative
United States, Texas
Commentary on politics from a secular conservative point of view. Liberal social policy and conservative governance are key to America’s success....
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P.A.P. Blog
Europe, Belgium
This blog is about politics, art, and philosophy. That’s why it’s called P.A.P. Blog. Art and philosophy are discussed to the extent that they are “political”. Politics, in turn, is limited to issues of human rights and democracy, which is wide enough to encompass most if not all important political topics....
Blog Details > Hits: 0 > Date Added: 9-7-2008
Rucking Fidiculous
United States, Florida
Pro America, Pro Israel, conservative rhetoric combatting media bias to reflect self thinking intuition. Views by a Jew, a Korean, a white law enforcement officer and a black musician give this page an all inclusive perspective you cant get anywhere else....
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diary of ukrainian political scientist
Europe, Ukraine
Основное направление поисков во внешней политике- взаимоотношения с НАТО, ЕС, Россией, перспективы дальнейшей “европеизации” Украины, ее вступление в Североатлантический альянс и Европейский союз....
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Words from Solitude
Asia, India
A living page to inform and exchange views and opinions and to begin a process to place uncomfortable questions in front of our somewhat weird society we live in: political, social and cultural....
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The Political Dispatch
United States, New Jersey
An open and uncensored commentary on politcs and world affairs....
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El Espacio de Hernan Haines
South America, Argentina
This blog is about political situation in Argentina....
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Actualidad Politica
United States, Alabama
Liberal-Conservartive blog in wich you can see the lastest news of spain and European Union....
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Conversations with Brit and Grit
United States, Tennessee
Mostly my partner and I discuss politics and current events, both in England and the US. We do, however, go into many other subjects, and often often in a humorous way....
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Queers United
United States, New York
LGBT activist hub with action alerts for the Queer community!...
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Daisy's Dead Air
United States, South Carolina
First Deadhead feminist blog in existence...
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