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Protect Oregon Property Rights
United States, Oregon
The blog reveals the detrimental effects of Oregon Measure 37, which passed in 2004, and has resulted in development claims amounting to over 15 billion. The majority of the claims have been filed by large land-holding corporations that seek to develop the land, which lies in some of Oregon's most beautiful scenic areas. The blog proposes the passage of Measure 49, which will be on the ballot this November, and will correct the outlandish proposed development claims under Measure 37. ...
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Europe, Netherlands
Dutch military blog site with info about wars, experiences, weapons, movies, etc....
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Exurban League
United States, Arizona
A conservative group blog emanating from the regions around Phoenix, Arizona. Politics and culture served up with a side order of snark....
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Until Our Independence
Africa, Liberia
A blog about news and politics in Côte d'Ivoire, updated frequently....
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Neocon Express
United States, Nevada
News and Opinion from a Neo-conservative perspective...
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Queers United
United States, New York
LGBT activist hub with action alerts for the Queer community!...
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Polical Lipskip - Conservative Views
United States, Tennessee
Conservative views from a fiscal conservative trying to another voice heard against the forces that are destroying this country....
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The History of the Future
United States, Virginia
The future slips into the present the present slips into the past our lives are the History of the Future.
The weekly articles of Dr. Robert Owens...
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Europe, Germany
Libertarian Blog with news and opinion. Some articles in English....
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El Espacio de Hernan Haines
South America, Argentina
This blog is about political situation in Argentina....
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Actualidad Politica
United States, Alabama
Liberal-Conservartive blog in wich you can see the lastest news of spain and European Union....
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United States, New Hampshire
Two Weeks on Politics. A two generational perspective on today's political news events. Your website for political commentary, wit, and useful information....
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Statism Watch
United States, Georgia-USA
A media compilation and forum exposing statism and its roots from a Canadian perspective....
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The Diary of a Secular Conservative
United States, Texas
Commentary on politics from a secular conservative point of view. Liberal social policy and conservative governance are key to America’s success....
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Words from Solitude
Asia, India
A living page to inform and exchange views and opinions and to begin a process to place uncomfortable questions in front of our somewhat weird society we live in: political, social and cultural....
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