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Conservative Blog
United States, New York
RedState provides news and opinions on American politics for conservative and right of center online activists.
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The Rondubic Code
Asia, Philippines
If Christians have a Bible and Muslims have Qur'an. And if Plato has The Republic, Machiavelli has The Prince, I also have The Rondubic Code. I will live as a writer who keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she reads what I wrote....
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Born Conservative
United States, Indiana
Discussion of political issues...
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The History of the Future
United States, Virginia
The future slips into the present the present slips into the past our lives are the History of the Future.
The weekly articles of Dr. Robert Owens...
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Self Deprecate - Political Humor Satire
United States, Georgia-USA
Political humor and satire - Latest news and videos about Washington and government. ...
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Observe Obama
United States, California
Snappy and topical reflections on politics and policy from a long-time progressive democrat and veteran labor activist with realistic expectations for change and a commitment to reaching socially conservative, working-class voters...
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Asia, Pakistan brings news views, current events, alternative news from pakistan and around the globe...
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The Equanimist
United States, New Jersey
A forum in which to explore contemporary issues with an eye to development of stabilizing forces in a volatile world...
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Eli's blog
Europe, Belgium
Eli's thoughts, his vision, his ambitions......
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The Total Collapse
United States, California
The Total Collapse follows events around the globe leading up to World War 3. Politics, news, events, articles and interviews....
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The Free Marketeer
Europe, Ireland
Committed to the principles of free markets and free peoples, balancing concern for the welfare of society and the individual. Commentary on politics and the economy, both internationally and in the Irish context....
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Political Focus
United States, Texas
State your views on government policy, through blogging on my site....
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United States, New Hampshire
Two Weeks on Politics. A two generational perspective on today's political news events. Your website for political commentary, wit, and useful information....
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The Pakistani Outlook
Asia, Pakistan
Analysis of Geo-Political events with political, historic and religious perspective especially focussing on Pakistan and Afghanistan. ...
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North America, Canada
An outside view on American Politics. In French....
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