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Vilhelm Konnander's weblog
Europe, Sweden
Politics and security in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia...
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Big Commentary
United States, New Jersey
Politics, humor, and critique of the craziness that is our world. My blog primarily focuses on current events and policy that affects the United States. The total list of topics, however, is large in scope. Basically, whatever is in the news and is a hotly debated topic is fair game. I also write in both a serious and humorous style depending on my mood and the topic at hand....
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Thhe Global Conservative
United States, Illinois
Providing information and rational perspectives on global issues with a philosophical twist...
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The Operative Blog
United States, Florida
A politically oriented blog whichi includes serious articles, humor, and everyday thoughts from a conservative point of view....
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Terra Incognita-The Undiscovered Country
United States, California
International perspectives on contemporary culture and politics....
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Citizens News
United States, North Carolina
Conservative and Libertarian insight on Breaking News, Latest News and Current events involving Obama administration, political analysis, Congress, Tea Party, climate change, society, morality and national security...
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interacao concuros-A Fraude
South America, Brazil
veja informaes sobre essa empresa fraudulenta junto com a spconcursos e frconcursos(a nova interao)histrico dela com suas fraudes alm de como descobrir um concurso fraudulento e onde denunciar e mais sobre fraude em concursos...
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Masr wa Touness
Africa, Egypt
"Masr wa Touness" means "Egypt and Tunisia" in arabic. Egypt is the country of my father. Tunisia is the country of my mother. Switzerland is the country where I was born and always lived since then.

Masr wa Touness is a bridge. A bridge between me and the reader, between inside and outside, between East and West, Europe and Africa, between Egypt and Tunisia and Switzerland, my three countries.

One Love, One World, One Family. ...
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Motivational Speaker Kevin Kelly
United States, Alabama
Kevin Kelly An international acclaimed motivational speaker in entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, creativity and personal excellence. Being a successful motivational speaker, he had inspired thousands of people world-wide....
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diary of ukrainian political scientist
Europe, Ukraine
- , , , , ....
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The Free Marketeer
Europe, Ireland
Committed to the principles of free markets and free peoples, balancing concern for the welfare of society and the individual. Commentary on politics and the economy, both internationally and in the Irish context....
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THPSC | Interpretations sans Ambiguity
Asia, Pakistan is social site. Our authors are from various professional fields. We share ideas, experiences and observations. We critic positively on social issues and highlight the misappropriations in our society....
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Eli's blog
Europe, Belgium
Eli's thoughts, his vision, his ambitions......
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Allemane Left Wing Politics Blog
Europe, UK
UK politics news, views and comment from a leftist perspective - Allemane....
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Latin American Politics - By Thiago de Aragao
South America, Brazil
Latin American politics explained in a direct, easy way by political analyst and international researcher Thiago de Aragao....
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