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Aecio Neves Never
South America, Brazil
The truth about the good guy created by the Press con man, who hides his rotten Aetius NEVES fires and hires journalists according to their interests determined to speak well of him and his government and disguise, through censorship, its corruption and incompetence in exchange contracts with government and BIG MONEY....
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Campaign State
United States, Washington
Independent blog with political analysis of national U.S. Issues & Elections. Currently focusing on the road to the 2012 Elections.
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Web Politicas
South America, Argentina
El primer Blog de eMarketing Pol�tico....
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Our world is changing fast - Trend Authority
Oceania, Australia
A collection of punchy articles about mindsets and society....
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United States, Mississippi
Commentary on current political events sometime with links to past historical happenings....
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Green Politics NJ
United States, California
Networking NJs Environmental-Prosperity Movement. Extensive NJ Green Calendar, Links, Updates, Stories.

Environment-prosperity movement, extensive nj green calendar, global warming, green drinks, clearwater, preservation, clean ocean action, conservation resources, food waste recycling, energy efficiency, land-use policies, pollutions, water pollutions, county naturalist, green towns....
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Rucking Fidiculous
United States, Florida
Pro America, Pro Israel, conservative rhetoric combatting media bias to reflect self thinking intuition. Views by a Jew, a Korean, a white law enforcement officer and a black musician give this page an all inclusive perspective you cant get anywhere else....
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monkeyshine nutworks
Asia, India
A critical commentary on world events by a maverick from Madras...
Blog Details > Hits: 1114 > Date Added: 26-8-2011
Pas de Gilipollas
Europe, Spain
Opiniones sobre lo cotidiano en este castizo "pa�s de pandereta" que responde al nombre de Espa�a - cuando no es obviado por cualesquiera de las 17 comunidades aut�nomas que lo conforman. Vaya, que ni letra tiene nuestro himno y cada quien se inventa su propio "chunda - chunda" para cantarlo a destemple. El Gilipollas, un recurso nacional inagotable, alimentado por la energ�a del deporte nacional conocido como envidia y la actividad hisp�nica mas enraizada, el quejarse de todo y de tod...
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Political Christian
United States, Virginia
This site encourages people of faith to become involved in the public arena and work to restore the founders vision for America...
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Soho Politico
Europe, UK
A blog covering UK politics, written from a liberal perspective, plus a regular focus on LGBT issues....
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Demablogue-Opinions of a Citizen
United States, Indiana
A concerned citizen posts his opinions and analysis of government, politics, history, current affairs, ethics, morality, international relations, and constitutional law....
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Vincent De Roeck - For our heritage and freedom
Europe, Belgium
Vincent De Roeck, heritage, freedom, civil rights, individual liberties, libertarianism, prosperity, new society, free world and bright future....
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United States, New Jersey
Providing you with a social liberal�s opinion and rational view of U.S. politics, foreign policy, and world events. Liberalism: A political or social philosophy advocating the freedom of the individual...
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Sanjeev Sabhlok's occassional blog
Asia, India
Most postings on the blog relate to reforms of India's governance. The focus is on classical liberal policies and political options....
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