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United States, Texas
Welcome to We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground.We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them....
Tethered Swimming Tethered Swimming
United States, Alabama
A look at politics, and news from a satirical standpoint, with excellent commentary, humor and thought....
Truth-2-Power Truth-2-Power
United States, Florida
A progressive op-ed e-zine of politics and society from Huffington Post blogger Brian Ross and new voices in liberal media providing out-of-the-box opinion and news....
Daisy's Dead Air
United States, South Carolina
First Deadhead feminist blog in existence...
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Jonnerz Irish view on Irish life
Europe, Ireland
This blog is just a day to day view of Ireland life, the good bits and the bad bits....
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ZardozZ News and Satire
United States, California
Cultural Satire and News: ZZ N&S brings you the latest in political satire, sarcasm, news and cartoons harvested daily from around the blogosphere! Streaming satire and sarcastic commentary on the endless every day madness surrounding us all....
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Conversations with Brit and Grit
United States, Tennessee
Mostly my partner and I discuss politics and current events, both in England and the US. We do, however, go into many other subjects, and often often in a humorous way....
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Keyboard Militia
United States, Missouri
Do you know of a story where rights are being wronged? Have a comment of how these hard economic times have effected you, your family, or your business? We want to hear about it....
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P.A.P. Blog
Europe, Belgium
This blog is about politics, art, and philosophy. That’s why it’s called P.A.P. Blog. Art and philosophy are discussed to the extent that they are “political”. Politics, in turn, is limited to issues of human rights and democracy, which is wide enough to encompass most if not all important political topics....
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The Outlook of a Liberal Veteran
United States, South Carolina
My opinions on a range of topics coming from the perspective of a southern liberal veteran....
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Why not vote for Alckmin and José Serra
South America, Brazil
privatization, continued progression (automatic approval), outsourcing, queues at hospitals, attacks by the PCC, tolls, public transport in chaos, corruption and hidden alliances with Jose Roberto arruda.Basta of PSDB / DEM Sao Paulo
Vote Mercadante Governor and President Dilma;...
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The True Religion
Asia, Pakistan
this blog is about Islam, Muslims and their common issues. how western media portrays Islam. Read and comment...
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The Atlantean Conspiracy
United States, Maine
The Atlantean Conspiracy - Exposing the Illuminati from Atlantis to 2012, Government, New World Order, Spirituality, Occult, Secret Societies, Politics...
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Resistencia Bucare-Caracas
South America, Venezuela
Blog sobre temas de la política en Venezuela....
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Resistencia Santiago de Leon de Caracas
South America, Venezuela
Blog sobre la política en Venezuela y los plantes comunistas y totaitarios de Hugo Chávez...
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