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United States, Texas
Welcome to We not only publish the news that is affecting our country but we participate by putting boots on the ground.We intend to make the changes we want to see, not just report them....
Tethered Swimming Tethered Swimming
United States, Alabama
A look at politics, and news from a satirical standpoint, with excellent commentary, humor and thought....
Truth-2-Power Truth-2-Power
United States, Florida
A progressive op-ed e-zine of politics and society from Huffington Post blogger Brian Ross and new voices in liberal media providing out-of-the-box opinion and news....
Travis James Blog
North America, Canada
Various articles/essays on political science, history, and economics...
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Citizens News
United States, North Carolina
Conservative and Libertarian insight on Breaking News, Latest News and Current events involving Obama administration, political analysis, Congress, Tea Party, climate change, society, morality and national security...
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THPSC | Interpretations sans Ambiguity
Asia, Pakistan is social site. Our authors are from various professional fields. We share ideas, experiences and observations. We critic positively on social issues and highlight the misappropriations in our society....
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Allemane Left Wing Politics Blog
Europe, UK
UK politics news, views and comment from a leftist perspective - Allemane....
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Note to Anon
United States, New York
Think globally, occupy locally. Contemporary strategies for civil disobedience. ...
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Campaign State
United States, Washington
Independent blog with political analysis of national U.S. Issues & Elections. Currently focusing on the road to the 2012 Elections.
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monkeyshine nutworks
Asia, India
A critical commentary on world events by a maverick from Madras...
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Motivational Speaker – Kevin Kelly
United States, Alabama
Kevin Kelly – An international acclaimed motivational speaker in entrepreneurship, leadership, sales, creativity and personal excellence. Being a successful motivational speaker, he had inspired thousands of people world-wide....
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Our world is changing fast - Trend Authority
Oceania, Australia
A collection of punchy articles about mindsets and society....
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Masr wa Touness
Africa, Egypt
"Masr wa Touness" means "Egypt and Tunisia" in arabic. Egypt is the country of my father. Tunisia is the country of my mother. Switzerland is the country where I was born and always lived since then.

Masr wa Touness is a bridge. A bridge between me and the reader, between inside and outside, between East and West, Europe and Africa, between Egypt and Tunisia and Switzerland, my three countries.

One Love, One World, One Family. ...
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Until Our Independence
Africa, Liberia
A blog about news and politics in Cτte d'Ivoire, updated frequently....
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How to rid government of corruption for good, for real
United States, Arizona
A solution to the secret workings of a corrupt government...
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