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My Dog Crate Training
United States, Florida
A place where you can find solutions for all your dog needs. Whether it be a complete guide to crate training, or a home remedy for your dogs skin problems you can find it here. You can also download the new Cafe Poochie Toolbar. Now with a single click you can have the answers to all your dog questions and more. You'll also find links to top dog training resources. We're not a blog but a community....
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Siamese Cats
United States, Alabama
SIAMESE CATs useful information , a heap of useful recommendations about siamese cats from all pet lovers over the world....
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Pug Blog
United States, Iowa
Read about the daily life of's Django the Pug...
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Alam Kucing
Asia, Malaysia
Tips & kaedah penjagaan kucing peliharaan. Jenis, klasifikasi, kesihatan, perilaku, baka, makanan & segala yang berkaitan dengan si comel. Mengatasi masalah pembuangan najis dan kencing, mencakar dan sebagainya melalui cara terbaik....
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United States, Texas
A site for all pet lovers to see their pet pics online for free. All pets are accepted and will be put on the site. Also talk with other pet owners from around the world on our forums. Also read amazing pet stories on our homepage. Send in your own and it will also be added....
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For Your Cat
United States, Massachusetts
We are a blog featuring many quality articles, stories, facts, links and other useful information all about cats....
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A Red Dog in the Red Rocks
United States, Arizona
The true life adventures of a truly red dog in the red rock country of Sedona, Arizona, USA.
I am a 6-year-old, red-haired Golden Retriever/Irish Setter. I found my mum in the dreamtime and she came and got me from the Humane Society. My mum is a massage therapist, and one of my jobs is helping her with the healing work. I'm the official meeter and greeter when the clients come, plus, (a big bonus!) I get to relieve them of any treats or cookies they bring with them. I also have some import...
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Dog Knee Injury
United States, California
Knee injuries in dogs are the most common reason for canine surgery, and many owners are unaware of the causes of dog knee problems and what they should do with regard to treatment. Dog knee injury is a comprehensive resource for dog knee issues, focusing only on injury to cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs, as this is the most common type of injury. All topics are covered from initial diagnosis to recovery, and readers are encouraged to share their stories and ask others for advice....
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Cat Diaries your Social Cat Forum
Oceania, Australia
Cat Diaries gives you the opportunity to live vicariously through your favourite furry friend. Celebrate your pet by uploading photos, singing their praises in the forum and creating your catís very own profile page.

At Cat Diaries you will find all the information you need to know about your cat; whether it be for their health and wellbeing, the latest cat fashions, upcoming news and events, or general tips and advice....
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Dog Training & Dog Care Blog - OutstandingPet Dog Blog
United States, Alabama
A blog about dog training, dog care, and canine news. Dedicated to empowering dog owners with the information and news they need to take the best care of their dogs as possible....
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Cats and Dogs Flea Treatment
United States, Alabama
We supply a wide range of cat and dog flea treatments from top name brands such as Frontline, Drontal with multi pack purchases all available online....
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Pet Clothes
United States, Oklahoma
Find a variety of information about dogs, dog accessories, dog fashion, dog jewelry, dog health, safety and travel....
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Doggies Dog Blog
North America, Canada
Edited by Beth, "the dog lady", Doggies Dog Blog features the latest dog news, training, health issues, dog product reviews and where to get them, tips for happy and healthy lifestyles and the latest trends in the dog community. A growing library of professional breed guides, photos and visitors community. ...
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Pet classifieds
North America, Canada
Biggest Pet Community on Planet,Pet classifieds, Pet forums, Pet supply, Pet articles, Pet gallery, Pet health care, Pet names, Pet ebooks and pet blogs....
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Save A Bull
United States, California
Save a bull is an information resource dedicated to education, advocacy and positive press regarding the world's most misunderstood dog breeds - the bully breeds. Topics covered included Pit Bull specific breed specific bans, canine health topics, Pitbull myths, traveling with pets, pet friendly accommodations, responsible ownership, and dogs with jobs....
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