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El blog de boda
Central America, Mexico
Ideas, consejos y curiosidades sobre las bodas.
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Helping You Succeed!
Oceania, Australia
Based on his biggest passion (helping other people to succeed), Dutch-born serial entrepreneur and business leader Patrick Driessen sends out inspirational & motivational messages to help others improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.

On his Helping You Succeed blog, Patrick combines his own stories with other compelling stories, interesting news and scientific research to inspire, motivate and guide others to succeed smarter, faster & better! Enjoy!...
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personal development and self improvement
United States, Michigan
Top personal development and self improvement information to develop a personal development plan....
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United States, Virginia
This is an open and unfiltered diary-style journal on the life of James Robert Smith. This blog will contain sometimes graphic experiences (both beautiful and ugly), sometimes stark insight, and all honest and factual documentation of dreams, diet, activity, and thoughts....
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Asia, Philippines
I write about a wide range of topics but mostly about my experiences and others'. The thoughts emanating from my mental faculties I transcribe into words....
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Asia, India is a blog with own opinions, experiences and stuff. The blog focuses on Technology, Blogging & some General Topics too. Technology in the way I see it and the way I use it. Blogging in my own perspective and approach....
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United States, Ohio
A spot to talk about sports, movies, travel and any everyday life experiences with the goal of keeping it POSITIVE. There's enough negativity out there......
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According to Cano
United States, Ohio
A blog about Entertainment,Sports,Travel,Fashion, and how I view things. Have daily posts like Daily Eye Candy and I Want To Go Here! It's a really cute blog! :) ...
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Tara Ram Pum
Asia, India
I thought to turn back to my old passion, to scribble something when I feel like so .. It may all be related to us and our friends and anything that force me to pen down...
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Yorick Reintjens - personal digital playground
Europe, Netherlands
Includes biography, humour, videos, road journal and related resources. It's a collection of everyday's exploration....
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The Best Wedding Blog Ever
United States, Indiana
I am super pumped to dish about all things WEDDING! I recently got married, which not only makes me an expert on all things matrimonial but – let’s be honest – life in general… alright, maybe not life, but I’m hard pressed to find anything more life affirming than being the sole author of The Best Wedding Blog EVER of Marilyn’s Keepsakes!...
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Hedgehog and Friends
Asia, Singapore
Personal blog on cartoons, nature, travel, toys and latest happenings from Singapore....
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My Everyday Discovery
Asia, Philippines
Everyday Discovery is owned by a Filipina blogger from Valenzuela City. It features stories about Filipino and other country customs, traditions and other fascinating things she discovers everyday....
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Cerco Amore
Europe, Italy
Come Trovare Finalmente l'Amore Vero: Un Aiuto Serio e Concreto per Chi è alla Ricerca dell'Anima Gemella. Come i Siti di Incontri Online Possono Veramente Dare un'Opportunità...
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Ling Tung
Oceania, Australia
Blogging is therapeutic for me and I love to tell random blog readers about intimate details of my life, more than I tell my close family and friends! My life is filled with weird and wonderful things and I love to write about my love life, stories about my dental patients (I am a dentist) and random ramblings. My friends say that I am Bridget Jones but I beg to differ because I do not wear granny knickers LOL...
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