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Ashley and Me
United States, California
A blog detailing my experiences with the Ashley Madison website. Searching for, and sometimes finding, women to have encounters with. You might not want to let your kids . . . or your spouse . . . read this one....
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Europe, Romania
un blog personal cu accente fine de sinceritate...
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Europe, UK
News and Reviews from the world of Pryordurkin...
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Mama's Mind
United States, Nevada
My deepest uncensored thoughts open for advice and support. I just need someone to talk to with unbised opinions....
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Pure Thought
Asia, Indonesia
My thought about life, love, friendship, family, work, pleasure.
Any thought comes to my mind....
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David Ould
Oceania, Australia
David Ould personal Blog...
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Life's Journey
United States, Georgia-USA
Authors thoughts, dreams, reflections and experiences in the journey called Life...
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Weather Musings
United States, Florida
At my blog you will find everything related to the weather....
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Kulay Pinay Fun Reads for Pinays
Asia, Philippines
Fun reads for women, specially Pinays or Filipino women. A collection of tips, ideas, stories, how-tos, practical tips and other interesting articles that will sure entertain the readers....
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Official diary
United States, Maryland
Official diary of one person...
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The Only One Lonely
United States, Indiana
Joe is a 27-year-old resident of Indianapolis. In 2007, he received a degree in the Fine Art of Being Super Cool and is presently self-employed as a professional in that same field. Read about this and other completely fictional (but usually non-fictional!) accounts of his life right here....
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Marine Journal of Capt Nikolskiy
Europe, Russian Federation
Marine journal with photos and videos from all over the world and also about seafarers' life aboard tankers. Historical affairs review and political news. ...
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Kate's Crossing
United States, Ohio
Musings on life, relationships and the why of it all....
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Long Tie Blog
United States, Illinois
Discussion place for tall men to learn about extra long ties. A resource for tall men to learn where to find extra long ties and how to take care of them....
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Ponderings of a RAAF chaplain
United States, Alabama
Ponderings of a RAAF Chaplain. The role of military Padre, helping people balance family relationships and work responsibilities, and encouragement to help families cope with deployments, postings,divorce, self esteem and life.
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