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Favoloso 25
Europe, Italy
Favoloso come me... 25 come la mia et (ancora per tanti tanti anni...)
Blog personale che narra l'avventura straordinaria di una vita ordinaria, spesso da un punto di vista atipico e sempre con una punta di ironia!...
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Nisha- thoughts of a woman
Asia, India
This blog covers topics related to health and fitness, fashion and beauty to parenting and homemaking, business and technology, from entertainment to daily news! Hope you enjoy the stay on the blog as much i enjoy writing :)
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United States, Virginia
This is an open and unfiltered diary-style journal on the life of James Robert Smith. This blog will contain sometimes graphic experiences (both beautiful and ugly), sometimes stark insight, and all honest and factual documentation of dreams, diet, activity, and thoughts....
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Asia, Indonesia
rengeng-rengeng, bernyanyi kecil seperti menggumam, tidak jelas terdengar tapi jelas ada sebagai bagian ekspresi anak manusia...
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Plains, Stripes, Prints
Asia, Philippines
Poems, love, friendship, relationship, work, family, cars, photography and the like. Anything across my midst are chosen possibilities as topics under my blog. Personal experiences to all melancholic and saddest extensions of my life is here. Blogging is "catharsis" for me. A stress reliever and it makes me human....
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Quiix FaQ
South America, Uruguay
Bitacora de preguntas y respuestas de la vida diaria, curiosidades, y soluciones a los problemas m�s frecuentes, en nuestro blog se tratan temas informaticos y tecnol�gicos, pero tambi�n de la vida social y m�s....
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Europe, Spain
Text, fotos and live....
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Chapuzas de casa, Ikea Hacks
Europe, Spain
Blog sobre mis reciclajes de muebles, ikea hack y bricolaje....
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Concealed Mind
North America, Canada
Written words from the hidden thoughts of my daily existence.
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Blogu` lu` Teutzinho
Europe, Romania
Ce nu stii tu stim noi. Un blog aflat la inceput care are nevoie de tine...
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berbagi mimpi
Asia, Indonesia
ajang sharind dan download info2 dan file terkini...
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Olimpiu Galani BLog
Europe, Romania
My personal blog with my own life experience and advices for the world.

Blogul meu personal ce contine propriile mele experiente si sfaturi pt Lume :)...
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Fire On Your Head - The Blog
North America, Canada
Articles to stir you up and provoke you towards revival....
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Taino Woman Comes Dancing
United States, Florida
Thoughts and experiences of a Taino woman, a Caribbean Indigenous person, in the 21st century. What does being Native American mean? How to find validation when even history has denied our existence? How to build community amid so much chaos? How to heal intergenerational trauma?

I dance through life with these questions, and many more, in mind......
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Armand Rousso - My blog
United States, Florida
This blog is my personal blog that presents my activities and the way I try to promote green business.
I write about my passions like chess or children's rights. ...
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