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Vijay Padiyar's Blog
Asia, India
Hi, I'm Vijay Padiyar. My blog is where I post my articles, opinions, thoughts, suggestions and letters that I write to the media....
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United States, California
Thinking is the beginning of enlightenment, which brings a huge impact and change in human life. Non-realize thinking are considered as resources that will not guide someone to attain wisdom. The wisdom has transformed into words without subjectivity and completely without object, which penetrates the equality of all things, is undifferentiated....
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Miguel Escobar Gonzalez
Europe, Spain
Visión personal sobre aspectos relativos a la política,libertad de expresión, derechos, humanos....
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The View from Fanling
Asia, China
Political and social commentary, together with observations on language, life in Hong Kong from the perspective of a long-time English resident, and Chinese culture generally. Some accompanying original photography.
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Advanced Cosmic Ordering In-depth Review Pulls Back The Curtain
United States, Alabama
Is Advanced Cosmic Ordering a hoax or a manifestation breakthrough? In-depth review reveals the naked truth!...
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Andrew Bennetts Blog
Europe, UK
posts about internet marketing and my life so far....
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Basta Igat, Sikat!
Asia, Philippines
The drama, the adventures, and the madness of a small town girl named MyMaria. This is the provincial life like you've never seen before....
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Anywhere on net
United States, Pennsylvania
Search engines won`t give you the right answer, so maybe this page will....
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Find Love Stars: Love Spells, Fate
United States, New York
Matron Lucine shares her knowledge and thoughts on Wicca, magick, love stars, tarot, finding soulmates, love signs, astrology, love spells, and more....
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Stoner Schematics
United States, North Carolina
A Stoner Blog about the things that Stoner's create, imagine, or just plain have on their mind. Gain insight into a revolutionary culture!...
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Meditation and Spirituality
United States, Alabama
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El blog de boda
Central America, Mexico
Ideas, consejos y curiosidades sobre las bodas.
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Helping You Succeed!
Oceania, Australia
Based on his biggest passion (helping other people to succeed), Dutch-born serial entrepreneur and business leader Patrick Driessen sends out inspirational & motivational messages to help others improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.

On his Helping You Succeed blog, Patrick combines his own stories with other compelling stories, interesting news and scientific research to inspire, motivate and guide others to succeed smarter, faster & better! Enjoy!...
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personal development and self improvement
United States, Michigan
Top personal development and self improvement information to develop a personal development plan....
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United States, Virginia
This is an open and unfiltered diary-style journal on the life of James Robert Smith. This blog will contain sometimes graphic experiences (both beautiful and ugly), sometimes stark insight, and all honest and factual documentation of dreams, diet, activity, and thoughts....
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