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United States, Utah
Journabble uses creative writing essays, poetry and vignettes as a common thread connecting personal stories and throwing them into the whirlpool of existence, pondering on love, friendship and the world around us. It's easy to relate to, representing a never ending quest on the way to finding oneself. It's about stumbling, falling and getting up again while searching for the meaning of life, true love and a place to call home....
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Europe, Poland
Blog gejowski, about polish gay's, polish LGBT, world adverts, and many else......
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I Love-Hate America
United States, Connecticut
A Filipino immigrant's love-hate relationship with all things American. Views and commentaries from a Filipino migrant about American lifestyle, values, culture and society and how the author is adapting to all of these with her traditional Filipino upbringing....
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Dominic Mulvey D.Mulvey Opticians
Europe, Ireland
I use this space to express all aspects of me. There will be links to all sorts of stuff that interests me and hopefully you too !...
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Hicham Maged's blog
Africa, Egypt
Hicham Maged's official blog which renders his perspective for our life....
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Blogu` lu` Teutzinho
Europe, Romania
Ce nu stii tu stim noi. Un blog aflat la inceput care are nevoie de tine...
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My Life's Rollercoaster Ride
Asia, Philippines
This site envelops my thoughts, my views, my opinions and my personal experiences and stories in my journey through LIFE...
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New Blog
Europe, Romania
A blog revolutionary who wants to be one of date!...
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Women's Diary
Asia, Indonesia
Women Lifestyle, Personality and Self Improvement. Articles, tips, news and information on Cosmetics, Perfume, Fashion, Health, Beauty and Personality...
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Europe, Spain
Text, fotos and live....
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White Rose's Garden
United States, Texas
Poetry and short stories peppered with political rants....
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Thriving and Everything in Between
United States, New Mexico
Survivors, sports, writing, poetry, life, love, pain, fear, darkness, light, mental health, energy, struggles, precious memories, life events, thoughts, desires...non-religious faith, art, music, people, healing, hope, re-birth....
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Higher Heel - a High Heels and Stockings Blog
United States, California
A personal shoe blog about High Heels, Stilettos, Pumps, Boots, Stockings, Nylons, ... with a lot of photos. ...
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Daily Awareness
United States, Oregon
Sharing insights to enhance your spiritual well-being in all areas of your life.
Kathleen Gage has been on a conscious spiritual quest for over three decades. With a thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to more fully understand one's purpose....
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Africa, Algeria
A fun and personable blog about daily life's crucifixion. ...
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