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Women's Diary
Asia, Indonesia
Women Lifestyle, Personality and Self Improvement. Articles, tips, news and information on Cosmetics, Perfume, Fashion, Health, Beauty and Personality...
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Alan's Breakfast
Europe, Croatia
A blog in which I publish my thoughts regarding fashion, music and daily life in English and Croatian. I sometimes upload drone, indie or other albums I like. ...
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The Official Blog of Anthony Basich
United States, Ohio
Personal Development and Success tools, tips and the best products to help you conquer fear and get what you want in life. Unlock your true potential, attain the highest level of success and live the life of your dreams....
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Ashley and Me
United States, California
A blog detailing my experiences with the Ashley Madison website. Searching for, and sometimes finding, women to have encounters with. You might not want to let your kids . . . or your spouse . . . read this one....
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Weather Musings
United States, Florida
At my blog you will find everything related to the weather....
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Thriving and Everything in Between
United States, New Mexico
Survivors, sports, writing, poetry, life, love, pain, fear, darkness, light, mental health, energy, struggles, precious memories, life events, thoughts, desires...non-religious faith, art, music, people, healing, hope, re-birth....
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Daily Deed
United States, Pennsylvania
Do one good thing per day. No matter how big or small. It�s that simple. ...
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lo mas codiciado del planeta
South America, Argentina
Luxury Blog where you will find the most sumptuous mansions, luxury cars, allowances, luxury watches, luxury furniture, the latest technology ...
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Europe, UK
News and Reviews from the world of Pryordurkin...
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Voyeur's Vision
Asia, Philippines
Search The Truth.. Trust The Voice Within. It will Set Us Free.
Your one stop informative Blog...
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Europe, Poland
Blog gejowski, about polish gay's, polish LGBT, world adverts, and many else......
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White Rose's Garden
United States, Texas
Poetry and short stories peppered with political rants....
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My Name Is Ingrid - The Show
Europe, Estonia
This is my personal blog, where I write about everything that is going on in the world today, offering my own opinions and discussing the subjects with other bloggers. To my readers, I bring only quality content , keeping everyone entertained with my juicy sayings and fun writing style. ...
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Histoire de ma vie
Oceania, Australia
personal and advertorials ...
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Europe, Romania
un blog personal cu accente fine de sinceritate...
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