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Mama's Mind
United States, Nevada
My deepest uncensored thoughts open for advice and support. I just need someone to talk to with unbised opinions....
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Daily Awareness
United States, Oregon
Sharing insights to enhance your spiritual well-being in all areas of your life.
Kathleen Gage has been on a conscious spiritual quest for over three decades. With a thirst for knowledge and a deep desire to more fully understand one's purpose....
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Dominic Mulvey D.Mulvey Opticians
Europe, Ireland
I use this space to express all aspects of me. There will be links to all sorts of stuff that interests me and hopefully you too !...
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United States, Utah
Journabble uses creative writing – essays, poetry and vignettes – as a common thread connecting personal stories and throwing them into the whirlpool of existence, pondering on love, friendship and the world around us. It's easy to relate to, representing a never ending quest on the way to finding oneself. It's about stumbling, falling and getting up again while searching for the meaning of life, true love and a place to call home....
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I Love-Hate America
United States, Connecticut
A Filipino immigrant's love-hate relationship with all things American. Views and commentaries from a Filipino migrant about American lifestyle, values, culture and society and how the author is adapting to all of these with her traditional Filipino upbringing....
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A Jen A Day
United States, Oregon
I'm taking pictures and blogging every single day as a way of documenting my life in 2010. ...
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Suedehead's Emporium
Europe, Ireland
A general blog about anything and everything....
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Risharde Online - I AM THE FUTURE
Central America, Trinidad & Tobago
For honest opinions about technology, automobiles and politics, visit Risharde Online today!...
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David Ould
Oceania, Australia
David Ould personal Blog...
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My Life's Rollercoaster Ride
Asia, Philippines
This site envelops my thoughts, my views, my opinions and my personal experiences and stories in my journey through LIFE...
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Bring Back Your Lost Love
United States, Kansas
This blog deals with many and various aspects of Relationships breakup and its agony.You will find all the requied tips & tricks that you need to get your Ex back to you....
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United States, Massachusetts
Art and lifestyle blog by wife, mom, physician, and writer....
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El Ojo Protestante
South America, Argentina
In Spanish. Cultura Protestante. Opinió.. Curiosidades. Biografías....
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A Bad Case of Vertical Compulsion
United States, Colorado
Tales of my alpine experiences and the lengths to which I go to reach the limits of personal adversity.
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Africa, Algeria
A fun and personable blog about daily life's crucifixion. ...
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