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Tiggle Tiggle
Europe, UK
British based blogger, who writes about personal, work and business related themes, with a bit a humour thrown in for good measure. Slightly Quirky....
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Asia, Philippines
I write about a wide range of topics but mostly about my experiences and others'. The thoughts emanating from my mental faculties I transcribe into words....
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untouchable EARTH
Asia, India
A blog of anything under the sun topics. This is a venture of the author's passion. Hoping through this blog, he could reach and share his ideas miles and miles away....
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Gardening Blog
United States, New York
This blog is mostly about butterfly gardening, but other types of plants and gardens, as well as other...
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life, mba
Asia, India
This is my personal blog where I write about random stuff ranging from my personal life to my views on different issues....
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My Everyday Discovery
Asia, Philippines
Everyday Discovery is owned by a Filipina blogger from Valenzuela City. It features stories about Filipino and other country customs, traditions and other fascinating things she discovers everyday....
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Boletus Edulis
Europe, Spain
Setas, tecnología, estrategia empresarial, personas, y en general un poco de todo....
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Voice of Silence No More
Europe, Romania
Trebuie sa se spuna lucrurilor pe nume, de aceea a aparut acest blog, diferit de altele. Un blog care stie sa aprecieze si sa critice, intr-o maniera aparte. Ganduri, idei, muzici, software, hardware, etc ...
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Stuff I Learnt Today
Asia, India
A Collection of Thoughts that strike me when I'm too busy doing nothing...
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Tara Ram Pum
Asia, India
I thought to turn back to my old passion, to scribble something when I feel like so .. It may all be related to us and our friends and anything that force me to pen down...
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United States, California
Thinking is the beginning of enlightenment, which brings a huge impact and change in human life. Non-realize thinking are considered as resources that will not guide someone to attain wisdom. The wisdom has transformed into words without subjectivity and completely without object, which penetrates the equality of all things, is undifferentiated....
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United States, California
Accounting Student, Social Media Junkie, Avid Blogger, Budding Entrepreneur, Computer Geek, Karachi born, Dubai raised, living in San Francisco Bay Area....
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Stoner Schematics
United States, North Carolina
A Stoner Blog about the things that Stoner's create, imagine, or just plain have on their mind. Gain insight into a revolutionary culture!...
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Broken Syllables
Asia, India
its a my xpressions words...a bvent for my bottle up thoughts...
Blog Details > Hits: 671 > Date Added: 3-7-2009 - Colors on the Web
Asia, India is a blog with own opinions, experiences and stuff. The blog focuses on Technology, Blogging & some General Topics too. Technology in the way I see it and the way I use it. Blogging in my own perspective and approach....
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