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Logoreea ma iubeste. Eu o insel uneori
Europe, Romania
blog personal Ionut Bunescu...
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Seducciontarot & Seducción profesional
Europe, Spain
Seducción, pnl, psicología,tarot,coach y autoayuda. Also in english version....
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Human Relation
Asia, India
Its a great resource and platform for the person who likes to share and discuss about the feelings,emotions and relations exist in human beings....
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Kip's Bandung
Asia, Indonesia
Blog abdi thea,just is seen, heard, felt and wanted, trying to learn to become better again....
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Sussurri obliqui
Europe, Italy
Il blog di Progvolution. Idee e pensieri instabili. Dove la periferia della verità nasce dalla messa in comune del dubbio....
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Asia, India reflects the multi-faceted nature of life all over the globe. You will find among these pages serious discussions about current affairs from around the world, lighthearted and humorous ramblings and meanderings, information about the latest gadgetry and gizmos, my opinions on all things under the sun, in short something that is bound to interest any and everyone....
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Europe, Romania
un blog personal cu accente fine de sinceritate...
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Europe, UK
News and Reviews from the world of Pryordurkin...
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Mama's Mind
United States, Nevada
My deepest uncensored thoughts open for advice and support. I just need someone to talk to with unbised opinions....
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Pure Thought
Asia, Indonesia
My thought about life, love, friendship, family, work, pleasure.
Any thought comes to my mind....
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David Ould
Oceania, Australia
David Ould personal Blog...
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Life's Journey
United States, Georgia-USA
Authors thoughts, dreams, reflections and experiences in the journey called Life...
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The Yoboo
Europe, Romania
Just a place where I can talk about anything that crosses my mind. It's a personal place, a unique blog, something really stupid and without a defined purpose. That's The Yoboo!...
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Global No Drive Day
United States, Georgia-USA
The Vision is one day in the month the world stops driving. Think about it how much CO2 will be prevented from going into the atmosphere for that one day....
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The Makings Of Azel Kilheeny
Asia, Malaysia
the naked truth of my online and offline life stripping away my senses, my nuances and my nonsense! figuratively speaking......
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