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Helping You Succeed!
Oceania, Australia
Based on his biggest passion (helping other people to succeed), Dutch-born serial entrepreneur and business leader Patrick Driessen sends out inspirational & motivational messages to help others improve their performance and enhance their quality of life.

On his Helping You Succeed blog, Patrick combines his own stories with other compelling stories, interesting news and scientific research to inspire, motivate and guide others to succeed smarter, faster & better! Enjoy!...
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Cerco Amore
Europe, Italy
Come Trovare Finalmente l'Amore Vero: Un Aiuto Serio e Concreto per Chi è alla Ricerca dell'Anima Gemella. Come i Siti di Incontri Online Possono Veramente Dare un'Opportunità...
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According to Cano
United States, Ohio
A blog about Entertainment,Sports,Travel,Fashion, and how I view things. Have daily posts like Daily Eye Candy and I Want To Go Here! It's a really cute blog! :) ...
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scarlet work
Asia, India
Personal blog of a budding entrepreneur. Discussing several aspects of life from self improvement, entrepreneurship, winning in emerging economies, technology and internet, personality, motivation, and performance....
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Invo4u blog
Europe, Romania
A new blog from Romania. ...
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The Life Of A Bouncer
United States, Virginia
The thingsI do day to day, that people find interesting....
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Feisty Fia
Asia, Philippines
This is where I keep my reviews and musings about food, places, events, music, and other things that I'm passionate about....
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Simply Ridiculous
United States, Illinois
�What distinguishes modern art from the art of other ages is criticism.� - Octavio Paz...
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Basta Igat, Sikat!
Asia, Philippines
The drama, the adventures, and the madness of a small town girl named MyMaria. This is the provincial life like you've never seen before....
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Shri Namramuni Maharajsaheb
Asia, India
Namramuni Maharajsaheb is one of the youngest Jain monk of India. Namramuni is a sole believer of Humanity. Namramuni is the most followed Jain monk of the country....
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Frozen thoughts
Asia, India
By profession I am a software developer. I had no idea about creating a blog of mine.I created this blog one year back just for fun. That time I was not serious about it.But now I find it interesting.This blog is about my ideas,my poems ,my imagination,my perspective and experiences.I post what I like and enjoy. Hope you like it too....
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Breaking Up
Asia, Philippines
How people undergo break ups in their relationship and the ways to cope such things....
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rayearth2601 weblog
Europe, UK
rayearth2601 weblog, write about anything, personal, diary, internet, blogging, SEO, webproxy, tukang nggame, sulumits retsambew...
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Anywhere on net
United States, Pennsylvania
Search engines won`t give you the right answer, so maybe this page will....
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Sorin Blog
Europe, Romania
Un blog despre blogosfera, societate si personal. Intr-o lume nebuna de tot eu mi-am facut un blog. Hai sa stam la barfa...
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