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divided loyalty
United States, Connecticut
rantings of a torn fan (among other things)...
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Asia, Indonesia
All everything about siHeyu Life, like as IT, Technology, Business, Education, Knowledge Management, Sport and Music....
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Girlfriends Are Like Shoes
North America, Canada
A girly blog about friendship, shopping, tips, crafts, social causes and everything else!...
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Future Perfect
Asia, India
A blog aimed at those readers who are in need of something different and exciting. Find out everything from online money making tips to unique dating tips. Learn some good management tips. Redefine your personality. Face your interviews with confidence. Shape your career in a better way. Take a sneak peek into my personal life. Explore blogging in depth. Feel different. Feel excited. Feel relaxed....
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Ghost Psychic
United States, Florida
Lois Lee is a sensitive and paranormal investigator who thinks blogging is a great outlet for journaling her supernatural experiences. This is her fifth year hobbying as an investigator but she is lifelong psychic....
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Logoreea ma iubeste. Eu o insel uneori
Europe, Romania
blog personal Ionut Bunescu...
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My Humble Opinion
United States, Missouri
Random collection of opinion articles and commentary on a variety of issues, with an emphasis on out-of-the-box thoughts on current events and trends....
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Savvy City Girl
United States, New York
Look great. Feel great. Don't go broke doing it. Lifestyle, fashion and a little sisterly love.

Savvy City Girl has been a long time in the making. Growing up in a house with five women and mother devoted to family and style, I learned about two things at a very young age - self-image and self-confidence. As I've grown older (and older) I've come to realize that so many women out there didn't have the lifelong exposure to fashion, fitness and beauty that I did. And I realized that ...
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Ramblings of a northern lass
Oceania, Australia
30 something single northern pom living in Melbourne. Sharing the shame....
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The Best Wedding Blog Ever
United States, Indiana
I am super pumped to dish about all things WEDDING! I recently got married, which not only makes me an expert on all things matrimonial but – let’s be honest – life in general… alright, maybe not life, but I’m hard pressed to find anything more life affirming than being the sole author of The Best Wedding Blog EVER of Marilyn’s Keepsakes!...
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Cupcakes and Mace
Oceania, Australia
Reporting on all the things that affect, influence, inspire, and entertain alternative young women....
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Ling Tung
Oceania, Australia
Blogging is therapeutic for me and I love to tell random blog readers about intimate details of my life, more than I tell my close family and friends! My life is filled with weird and wonderful things and I love to write about my love life, stories about my dental patients (I am a dentist) and random ramblings. My friends say that I am Bridget Jones but I beg to differ because I do not wear granny knickers LOL...
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Asia, Indonesia
The pieces of imagination. The Journal of the fiction addict mom....
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Online Dating Blog
United States, Arizona
Ultimate dating blogs information tips and advices...
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The Epic Fireworks Blog
Europe, UK
The best fireworks blog in the world....
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