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United States, Virginia
Virginia-Mike is a personal blog about whatever's on my mind. Topics can range anywhere from computers to gardening.
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Shoaib Ahmed Paracha
Asia, Pakistan
My name is Shoaib Ahmed and I am working in Enettechnologies as Search Engine Optimizer....
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Baby's Indeed
Asia, Thailand
Join and rest via this blog with the baby pictures/ stories and their innocence, you can find baby accessories here, even some entertainment....
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Focus Organic
United States, Missouri
Organic and green information, news, product reviews, giveaways...
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Central America, Mexico
Blog de cosas geek y frikis, eksd es administrado por Svast y Niv. Visítalo, la diversión y los datos interesantes están garantizados....
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Human Relation
Asia, India
Its a great resource and platform for the person who likes to share and discuss about the feelings,emotions and relations exist in human beings....
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that all beholding my light may see
Asia, Philippines
Blog of a Little Light. ...
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Andrew Knight
Oceania, Australia
Born into Generation Y, Andrew Knight has become knowledgeable in various areas of technology. Experience technology at its best! - Andrew Knight...
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Asia, Philippines
wild site of wild imagination...
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et cetera
Asia, Philippines
a blog about a 20-something-year-old nurse's thoughts on anything under the sun...
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Diary of a British Expatriate living in Finland
Europe, Finland
Alook at Finland,its culture,customs and traditions through the eyes of an Expatriate wh came to live in Finland 21 years ago.I look at the Finnish people,their sauna culture and history.there are many photos of places of interest and I give an idea of where to go once in Finland.The Northern Lights are a sight to be seen.I explain what they are and where you can view them.There is alot of local foods,berries,mushrooms,fish and meats that are specific to Finland.If you plan to visit Finland(Suom...
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Europe, Romania
b. 32. varsator. anca. schi. bicicleta. u2. brasov. eric. bucuresti. seth godin. steaua....
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Sussurri obliqui
Europe, Italy
Il blog di Progvolution. Idee e pensieri instabili. Dove la periferia della veritŕ nasce dalla messa in comune del dubbio....
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The Matrix Truth
United States, Tennessee
America has the most powerful military, the most expensive healthcare and hundreds of thousands of financial planners and C.P.A.s.
So... Why are we terrified, sick and struggling to make it by? Find out the truth, and what can be done about it here....
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Marine Journal of Capt Nikolskiy
Europe, Russian Federation
Marine journal with photos and videos from all over the world and also about seafarers' life aboard tankers. Historical affairs review and political news. ...
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