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CRVD Magazine
United States, New York
Iz the best in everything musical, creative and artistic. You know what it is Buddha face....
Blog Details > Hits: 810 > Date Added: 9-2-2011
Chord Records
United States, California
Music blog for Indie musicians, giving tips on record companies, and how to start a indie record company. Music distribution and marketing resources....
Blog Details > Hits: 808 > Date Added: 16-9-2010
Real Chill Music
United States, Minnesota
Real Chill Music delivers hot, fresh music providing free, legal music downloads to help promote new and upcoming artists....
Blog Details > Hits: 807 > Date Added: 3-11-2010
Pa Saber De Flamenco
Europe, Spain
El mundo del flamenco dia a dia, desde los orígenes hasta las nuevas corrientes flamencas....
Blog Details > Hits: 806 > Date Added: 23-1-2009
The Movie Encyclopedia
United States, Washington
Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will. I am dedicated and have made it my solemn vow to review every movie that I have ever seen past and present. So come on by and check it out...
Blog Details > Hits: 803 > Date Added: 18-1-2010
United States, Alabama
Daily popular music premieres...
Blog Details > Hits: 802 > Date Added: 4-2-2011
Metal e-zine
Europe, Romania
Metal e-zine blog. News, interviews, concerts, etc....
Blog Details > Hits: 798 > Date Added: 22-9-2008
Lyrics Feed
North America, Canada
In Lyrics Feed everything is about sharing fun! Our main goal is to provide a handmade lyrics collection covering the most diverse artists, genres and cultures....
Blog Details > Hits: 798 > Date Added: 11-7-2010
Me Like Good Music
United States, Georgia-USA
Recommending new and old underrated indie and non-mainstream music of multiple genres....
Blog Details > Hits: 797 > Date Added: 7-1-2010
Rock N Roll Music
United States, New York
Your Daily Dose Of Rock N Roll Music...
Blog Details > Hits: 793 > Date Added: 5-1-2009
Freedom For China Human Rights And Music
Europe, UK
Songs collected from around the world inc London, Canada, USA, Australia and Sweden, encompassing genres as diverse as Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, and Spoken Word. The contributors all seek to highlight the issue of the persecution of the peaceful tai chi type practice of Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party. Falun Gong practitioners only follow Truthfulness Compassion and Tolerance as their guiding principles. Check out for free music as well as podcast. ...
Blog Details > Hits: 781 > Date Added: 22-5-2009
Rocket Piano Review
United States, Alabama
Is Rocket Piano really worth it or just a scam? Can you learn piano with their online piano lessons? Read our exclusive review...
Blog Details > Hits: 779 > Date Added: 15-11-2010
Head Trip Trauma
Asia, Philippines
A blog all about food, night life, bands, music, Japanese drama, anime, books and other things that might catch your fancy or fit the lifestyle of an outgoing cancerian.
Blog Details > Hits: 778 > Date Added: 6-7-2009
Rock Star Pooch
United States, Illinois
Blog for Rock Star Pooch website. Product reviews and other pet related news / articles....
Blog Details > Hits: 778 > Date Added: 1-11-2009
Rap Tower
United States, California
A website where users can enjoy the newest of hip-hop music as well as old classics. ...
Blog Details > Hits: 778 > Date Added: 23-4-2010
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