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Africa, Ghana
A Ghanaian currently outside.Being outside has made me look inside. And although I am far away, Ghana nevertheless shadows in my dreams and home is not far away enough.Every now and then something crosses my mind.Some of these thoughts I manage to put on your screen down here.Please enjoy....
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Business,Travel and Sports Activities
North America, Canada
Discussions and information on Business, Business & Personal Travel, Sports Activities, Nature, Life and Society - generally just keeping active and taking care of business while stopping to enjoy yourself - Living Life to the fullest....
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Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind
United States, West Virginia
I'm a 30-something female who pretends to be a geek. I ramble. Quite often. I find humor in stupid people and rednecks. I loathe politics, but I find myself agreeing with both Democrats and Republicans, depending on the issue. My blog is full of my sarcasm and wit, with a little intelligence thrown in for good measure....
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Candy Bouquet Tid Bits
United States, Idaho
Gift Giving Blog designed to include different gift giving tips and ideas for both personal and corporate life, intermingled with candy bouquet and gift basket spotlights, and commentaries by the owner of AC
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Asia, Pakistan
MicroPakistan looks at Pakistan through a microscope. It doesn’t concern itself with the big picture. There is no need for facts and figures here. This blog is about things that concern Pakistani people as a nation. It concerns human developement, not economic growth depicted through the riches of a few. We will deal with everything, but with a critical eye on real issues and real problems and where possible, talk about real solutions. Also, use this as a platform to promote Pakistani art and cu...
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shofar,so good
United States, Illinois
girl resurrected....
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Mommy Musings
United States, North Carolina
Musings from a mom of 5!...
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Make the Most
United States, Arizona
Make The Most of U - coaching tips, thoughts, views and reviews on being the best you can be....
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Asia, India
It deals with various facets cof life in subtle and in-depth manner....
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United States, New York
Exclusive Rap, Hip-Hop News....
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Blog patriotic
Europe, Romania
Cu si despre romani, romani versus straini. Suntem la fel de buni ca ei....
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Wedding Are Fun Blog
United States, Missouri
Weddings Are Fun offers unique and personalized wedding favors, bridal accessories, wedding candles, candle wedding favors, bridesmaid, groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer gifts, bridal apparel, bridal jewelry, beach wedding favors and other elegant bridal accessories at discount prices!...
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Canvas of life
Asia, Bangladesh
Explore the real lives of very general people from Bangladesh....
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Groovy Lady
United States, Alabama
A fun and refreshing collaborative blog by five women from different walks of life, spanning three countries, who think that all ladies deserve a place where their groovy side can come out and play....
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Online Dating – Chat in a Virtual Cafe in Minutes
United States, Ohio
Try virtual dating, the future of online dating. Meet singles in a virtual cafe, chat, play games, listen to music, and get to know each other online before meeting in person....
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