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Diary of a Common Goddess
United States, Illinois
Spiders, cribs, vampires, vacations, music, art, vomit, babies, fireworks, health - this blog has a little bit of everything. Such is the life of a Common Goddess....
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The Place For Sharing Jesus Love
Asia, Indonesia
the place to share Jesus Love to All People...
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Chanting Buddha
United States, New York
A blog for social issues and spiritual awakening....
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Green Stumbler
United States, New York
Green Stumbler - Green Cars and Gadgets Blog...
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My Blog
Europe, UK
I’m a writer and lover of the written word, helping people to find encouragement to carry on doing their best in the face of defeat or failure.
I help people become passionate about thier vision and discovering the passion in their pursuit. I’m changing the world one blogger at a time.
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Marvelous Mouth
United States, New York
A blog about positive living - activism, t-shirt designs that make a statement, social commentary, politics and more....
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Little Mermaid Costume
United States, Alabama
By selecting the right costumes you could make this unique day a really unforgettable one for you and also your entire family.Did you ever choose the ideal costume for your anticipated Halloween celebration? While everyone will have scary costumes and superhero costumes you might want something different for you or for your daughter. This Halloween you can leave this scary world and go under the ocean where you will discover a new different world. All you have to do is to put on a Little Mermaid...
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Whispers in the dark
Europe, Romania
Poems about life, God and religion...
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jbEbert - Pearls, gems and a little bling
United States, Florida
As a jewelry designer, I blog about my design process, style, fashion, other blogs, new finds, humor, my life, and anything else that comes to mind....
Blog Details > Hits: 681 > Date Added: 5-7-2009
Unencumbered Being
United States, New York
Inspiration and guidance for people choosing to live life on purpose and in sacred unity with the soul's calling from Amy McTear.
Blog Details > Hits: 680 > Date Added: 28-10-2009
Mens Style Blog
Europe, UK
The Mens style blog provides up to the minute fashion advice for men, covering all aspects of mens style from clothing and accessories to grooming. Each season we look at the latest trends from the major fashion brands, profiling new designer products and collections. Our blog shows how you can create the right look for different occasions, as well as the look to suit your own mood and taste. ...
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Shootin fae the Shin
Europe, UK
Ah'm jist a biddy that bides up a stair in Leith. Ah love tae tell tales o' ma favourite twin-touns o' Embra an' Leith, an' ma ain wee pairt in their history. Come in an' sit doon, ah'll pit the kettle oan......
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Daily Spiritual Toos
United States, California
Like many, I am a seeker, looking to more fully express the glory and grace of this existence. For as long as I can remember I have been searching for my own truth and a more meaningful, or practical relationship with the Supreme Being. Along the way I have met many great teachers and picked up some very practical tools to help me communicate with and express the God within. I am still on that quest and hope to share my daily journey with you in this blog. I welcome your thoughts ...Namaste...
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Vidas alternativas
Europe, Spain
Ofrecemos formas de vida alternativas fuera de los estereotipos impuestos por la sociedad de consumo. Apoyamos las energ�as renovables, la agricultura ecol�gica, la inform�tica verde (GreenIT), etc. Creemos que otro mundo es posible, un mundo sostenible y amigo del medio ambiente....
Blog Details > Hits: 668 > Date Added: 30-4-2009
Steve Chambers - A Place For The Thoughts of Steve Chambers
Europe, UK
A blog of a recent graduate who is delving deeper into web design and photography and logging his journey here....
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