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Other Side of Through
United States, Colorado
Other Side of Through is one woman's journey from 31 years of marriage, a year and a half long divorce process to becoming the woman she's all ways wanted to be. Other Side of Through will chronicles her challenges as well as her triumphs as she journeys to the other side of through....
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Europe, Italy
per ora sono solo un blog...
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What Women Want
Asia, Indonesia
If You are women, find anything about you in this blog, So you can understand about your self...
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James Rick Blog
United States, New York
Personal development & spiritual growth blog...
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Did you know
United States, New York
Informational and educational blog about interesting facts to know about. Lifestyle suggestions, health, pregnancy, horoscope, tips and tricks, more ... New titles every day, check back often and suggest subjects for future posts (if they fit the topics)....
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Moonit's Blog - Make Destiny
United States, New York
Check up on's official blog! Offering the latest and greatest content about relationships, compatibility and general cool-ness on the web, Moonit uncovers why you hang with friends, hate your boss and have the hots for him or her with our one-of-a-kind compatibility tool....
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The Relationship Teacher
United States, Florida
Dating and relationship advice, tips and information....
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Sacred Raisin Cakes
United States, Rhode Island
Why is the sacred suspect, and why are those who talk about Jesus so awful at walking like Him? Scott Yi, missionary at Brown University and seminary student, illuminates with the seeker in mind. Christian apologetics for the rest of us....
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A day in the life of hunter
United States, Florida
A day in the life of hunter is a blog about comic books and comic book characters...
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Crazy Little Boys
United States, Texas
The world of raising two little boys (tornadoe's as we call them). Stories filled with laughter, triumph, name it!...
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Spiritual Guidance for Leaders
United States, Colorado
Spiritual guidance offered to help you navigate your daily life while remaining consciously connected to the divine....
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Radha Krishna Spiritual Blog
Asia, India
Radha Krishna temple of Vrindavan, Radha Vallabh Free Bhajan Downloads, Books E-store, Literature, Festivals, Radha Krishna Blog, Wallpapers, Games....
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Pick Up Artist Techniques
United States, California
Seduction Tips is a blog that shows men the real ways to attract women and cutting edge pick up artist techniques to help them get the girls they like....
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graminvikas - exploring indian villages
Asia, India
Gramin vikas is site of Indian culture, tradition and village life style. It makes understand development and problems of real India. It will provide platform to discuss government help in progress, cultural exchange and issues of rural areas....
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Cherry-Picked Gifts for Special Occasions
United States, California
Well-chosen gift is a luminescent spot on such special occasions as Christmas, birthday, wedding day. Here you will find helpful advice for you to choose appropriate and unique gifts for special events. ...
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