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Watch Family Guy Episodes
Europe, Germany
This Blog represents the whole crazy world of Family Guy. Watch Family Guy episodes whenever you want - this service is for free. With online streaming you will download nothing at all and you can watch family guy videos immediately....
Blog Details > Hits: 967 > Date Added: 8-8-2009
Humorous Jokes
United States, California
Short humorous jokes and funny quotes in various categories...
Blog Details > Hits: 944 > Date Added: 4-9-2011
Charley Kane's Funhouse
United States, New York
A collection of funny pictures, funny videos,funny captions, weird news and celebrity news, all with original snarky comments...
Blog Details > Hits: 937 > Date Added: 2-5-2009
Things I've Stumbled Upon
United States, Delaware
everyday, i will seek out new life, new civilizations, or at least websites for you to enjoy. if you find any strange or unusual websites that you think would interest me, just include a link in you comments....
Blog Details > Hits: 925 > Date Added: 29-10-2009
Extremely Funny
North America, Canada
ExtremelyFunny is a glimpse into the world with a slightly skewed view on things. You will be able to view stories about current events and celebrities, look at funny and unusual pictures, and have a look at things through a slightly warped mind....
Blog Details > Hits: 910 > Date Added: 22-8-2008
United States, Ohio
...a little from the mind dealing with 'overwhelm'....
Blog Details > Hits: 909 > Date Added: 20-5-2009
Como si no lo supieras
South America, Argentina
Humor politico en Argentina... Toda la realidad... No se salva ninguno. Escrito, editado y llevado adelante por Carlos E. Blanco, ex-Humor y eterno rechazado por Barcelona......
Blog Details > Hits: 906 > Date Added: 16-9-2008
The Fuck U Award
Europe, Romania
Premiile frustrarilor noastre zilnice!...
Blog Details > Hits: 900 > Date Added: 26-1-2009
Seriously WTF People
North America, Canada
Funny and stupid people and things found on the Internet and commented on in a satirical manner....
Blog Details > Hits: 881 > Date Added: 23-11-2009
Funny Commercials World
United States, New York
Funny commercials from all over the world. Get inspiration from the best advertisements ever created. And remember that ads turn our world in a funny way......
Blog Details > Hits: 867 > Date Added: 31-7-2009
Found Stuff
Europe, UK
a blog of funny pictures, stories, jokes and more......
Blog Details > Hits: 862 > Date Added: 27-9-2008
Rue The Day Blog
United States, California
The best of the internet and more. Short stories, lol cats, random facts, quotes, silly, fun and all kinds of good stuff....
Blog Details > Hits: 861 > Date Added: 8-7-2008
Snurch AZ
United States, Alabama
Satirical posts, usually with an Arizona tie-in but with broad-based appeal. ...
Blog Details > Hits: 861 > Date Added: 30-5-2010
Funny Freak
United States, New York
Funny Freak is the leading provider when it comes to funny stuff. Funny Freak provides funny videos, jokes, quotes, and pictures for all of its users and is updated daily....
Blog Details > Hits: 846 > Date Added: 1-11-2008
Europe, Belgium
Fail websites, pictures and videos!...
Blog Details > Hits: 826 > Date Added: 19-5-2010
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