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Funny Cute Stuff
United States, Texas
Funny cute animal photos and videos....
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Oluvil Campus Blog
Asia, Sri Lanka
Student tips,University information,Humor...
Blog Details > Hits: 1234 > Date Added: 15-9-2011
Triumph of a Man Called Da-da
United States, California
Venture out with a certifiably insane Mr. Mom down the slippery and zeitgeisty razor-edged slope of human parenting vagabondage and SEE a smart and reasonably attractive man with a great memory LOSE all sense of self and become an ugly, fat moron who can't remember a damn thing and purchases an accordion to make matters worse. Ok, well, he wasn't very smart or good looking before, but he DID have a good memory. And at least now he has the accordion. And his sense of humor....
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My Big Fat Czech Village
Europe, Czech Republic
Everyday life in a small Czech village in the Czech-Moravian highlands where absolutely anything or absolutely nothing can happen in the next few minutes....
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Asia, India is a collection of funny articles, latest events, jokes and timepass stuff...
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Un buzoian la Bucuresti
Europe, Romania
Un buzoian la Bucuresti...
Blog Details > Hits: 1117 > Date Added: 12-11-2008
Miss Welby
Europe, Italy
A blog devoted to poet Piergiorgio Welby - whom I pretend to be the secret little cutie granddaughter -, with odd news and surreal original literature...
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Cartoons by Guto Dias
United States, New York
Here you will find my Drawings, Comics, Cartoons, and Children's Illustrations ...

Updates every monday and friday!...
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Video Commercials
United States, California
The best tv commercials on internet, funny and amazing videos of the creativity of publicity...
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United States, California
Discovering value where you thought there was none, one invaluable purchase at a time. Shopping hazards galore. Boop....
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Ivo Comic Strips
United States, New York
Blog featuring funny comic strips and cartoons about many subjects, especially the everyday adventures of the couple Ivo and Eva. ...
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Funny Stories
United States, Nebraska
Regularly updated humor site featuring funny videos, funny stories, funny jokes, and more. Political humor, standup comedy, hilarious videos, current events jokes, etc....
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Silly funny pic
United States, California
Humor blog with funny phrases, funny one liners and very funny pic....
Blog Details > Hits: 3243 > Date Added: 2-12-2006
Europe, Sweden
a blog about my everyday experinces and thoughts on things that suck.In Swedish!...
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Pinoy Funny Pictures Compiled
Asia, Philippines
Get to laugh at our huge collection of funny Pinoy pictures! The site is updated daily....
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