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The Pilingui's House
Europe, Spain
Humor videos frikis...
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Blog de umor
Europe, Romania
The best funny blog from Romania...
Blog Details > Hits: 1959 > Date Added: 12-11-2008
Blogu cu idei
Europe, Romania
ideile la care te gandesti puse pe un blog...
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The Rubber Monkey
United States, Oregon
The Rubber Monkey celebrates stupidity - government stupidity, corporate stupidity or just plain human stupidity. Come on in and see what the elite today's society are up to....
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Insurance Cartoon Humor
United States, Arizona
Cartoons about the subject of auto, life and health insurance in general. Laugh loud and Laugh often....
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Gus Muldoon, Demotivational Speaker
United States, Delaware
You don't need a hug. You need a good swift kick in the behind. It's time for some tough love, Muldoon style....
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A Kup of Reality
United States, Michigan
A humorous look at life, public service, people, and the daily news and politics that give us all headaches. Ran by a young libertarian-minded pharmacy tech and musician in the heart of a very very blue Michigan. Life is funny after a few drinks. Laugh at it. ...
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Europe, Spain
Blog, blogging e internet … y buena dosis de humor , curiosidades e actualidad !!...
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El Caribbean
South America, Colombia
El Caribbean es un blog de poca relevancia, pésima reputación, para nada educativo, políticamente incorrecto, insensato, poco pensado e irracional, además sexista, clasista, racista y demás ..istas ... donde se tocan temas de profunda relevancia como las relaciones sentimentales y la política.

Si usted es una persona que se ofende fácilmente, cuya inteligencia no le permite leer más allá de la literalidad, no es capaz de reírse críticamente de la realidad, odia el sarcasmo y la ironía...
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Looking For Laughs
United States, Maryland
Seeker of a good laugh, story, comment, film, video, with daily updates, funny videos and stories....
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Rantings of a Customer Service Rep
United States, Wisconsin
When I can't deal with my customer service tech support job, I blog about it. The calls are much funnier looking back on them than they are at the time. I also love to hear others' job rants. Misery loves company....
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Funny Pictures
United States, New York
Extensive collection of funny pictures, only clean humor! Updated daily....
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Europe, Spain
HUMOR A 100 POR HORA ¡¡¡¡...
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The World of Nothing
Asia, Philippines
A personal weblog, interesting and entertaining post that is written more on local dialect in Philippines. Dedicated especially to bisaya people.
Jokes, songs, funny stuff and anything under the sun....
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The News Dose
Asia, India
The News Dose is all about sarcasm. All the latest news in the world are treated with great care and all the truth will be revealed from those news. This is the power of News Dose. As we say "No News will be spared"....
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