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The Wandering Peanut
United States, Connecticut
Wandering through life, the internet and grocery stores. Weekly features include Grocery Store Coupon Matchups, Menu Plan Monday, Family Time Friday and Dear Kid Saturday....
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Go Solar Power For Homes
North America, Canada
The Earth receives more energy from the Sun in just one hour than the human race uses in one whole year. Save your money. Save our Planet. Go solar power for homes!...
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My Backyard
United States, New Jersey
Gardening..Grilling..Attracting wild life to my backyard..Decorating my outdoor space..Taking care of my outdoor space..Things for my patio..outdoor activities..birding...
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The Guamaso - By RogueDad
United States, North Carolina
A SAHD writing about fatherhood, geekery, design, and more.
I recently became a father and even more recent quit my job to become a stay at home dad. This poses so many challenges that I thought would be fun to write about.
I'm a designer of things. Actually, I am a self-taught web designer, but I hope to one day go back to school for an Industrial Design degree.
I'm a total geek. Not one day goes by that I don't try to add a geeky spin on something. My daughter is a work in progr...
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Savory Tv
United States, Colorado
Savory Tv offers gourmet chef recipe videos and culinary food tips from around the world. Watch and learn as the worlds finest chefs prepare delicious restaurant quality meals, and make them at home with complete confidence....
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The Crab Guy
United States, Maryland
The welcomes you into the world of crabbing and seafood. The Crab Guy writes about the history of crabbing, crab and seafood recipes and the great Chesapeake Bay. Learn everything there is to know about blue crabs and Maryland seafood....
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Bean Bags
Europe, Albania
Ambient Lounge bean bag loungers are a paradigm shift in the evolution of bean bags - creating a unique style that has found its way into designer clubs, cafes, penthouses and luxury apartments - as well as student dorms, guesthouses and everyday living rooms....
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Nuts about Needlepoint
United States, California
An encyclopedia of needlepoint and thread information for all stitchers....
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Wet Basement Waterproofing
United States, Virginia
FREE Consumers Guide For Homeowners Who Have Wet Basements Or Crawlspaces.

Award Winning Site! Find Out More Here!...
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Rachel's diary
North America, Canada
My blog is my private diary out for the world to see.
If you have a personality disorder you will find yourself right at home with what I'm talking about....
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Wood floor blog
Europe, UK
Wood Floor Blog is a blog related to the wood flooring industry and general DIY.
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Coffee beans
United States, Alabama
All about coffee, coffee beans, growing coffee, roasting coffee. Interesting fact's with coffee, coffee trees, preparation coffee and more....
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Basic Home Repair
United States, Florida
Learn how to do basic home repairs. Become more handy. We cover all topics from the very simple to the more advanced. Learn how to fix things yourself. ...
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HomeY Treats
Asia, Philippines
A blog that is about home inspirations and improvements....
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Paisleyridge gardening, building and sculpting
United States, North Carolina
Lane shares her stories about growing up in the North Carolina mountains, mountain folklore, organic gardening tips, canning tips, recipes and advice. Craig shares his experiences with building, rock work and wood carving....
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