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Vedika thinks
Asia, India
a simple blog created by a simple girl for simple purpose, just sharing a knowledge !! :)...
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Finding Private Medical Insurance
Europe, UK
Finding Private Medical Insurance blog aims to provide the latest news and information on this sector - as well as the latest developments in health related issues, all communications are welcome!...
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Hand Warmer Review
United States, California
A blog all about hands. How we keep them healthy and how we keep them warm. We spent years working at a computer with a cold mouse hand. Now, we don't need to have the cold stop us from doing our work. We found a hand warmer to keep the late night winter chill from our mouse hand. It's the Mouse Hand Warmer. The purpose of the Hand Warmer blog is to post articles and information about ways to keep our hands warm. When people think of cold hands they naturally think of a cold winter day, but we'v...
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Self Help Gold
United States, New York
Personal Development for the Unwashed Masses...
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Health Tourism News
Asia, India
Health Tourism News came up to cater to the increasing demand for Medical Tourism information the world over. This blog aims to provide you with news that you can use, it may be a write up on a popular medical tourism destination...
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Di Vapor Steam Showers
Europe, UK
Come to the experts for your next shower, steam room sauna or whirlpool bath: Di Vapor....
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Signs of Pregnancy week by week
United States, Florida
Learn more about pregnancy week by week, signs of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy stages and also about positive parenting with parenting styles, parenting advice, parentng skills with parenting tips at all mothers....
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Healthy Living
United States, New York
PHR, Personal Health Records to access medical information online, anytime, anywhere. Confidential, secure access with intelligent reminders built in.
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United States, Alabama
All the best exercises, videos and nutrition information you need to gain muscle, get ripped and build the body of your dreams....
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Improve Memory Arena
Europe, UK
Information, Videos and news helping people improve memory, boost recall and fight bad lojng term and short term memory....
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Skin Care Reviews
United States, New York
Skin care reviews site offers tips and reviews for all type of skin care products...
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Medical Transcription Service Company
United States, Oklahoma
MTS Transcription Services (A Managed Outsource Solutions Company) is an Oklahoma based medical transcription company, serving clients across North America for more than 7 years. ...
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Kids Software
United States, New York
Children's freeware, software and websites....
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Medicina in Biblioteca
Europe, Italy
Medicine in the library. News and post from the health world....
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The Science of meditation
Oceania, Australia
Meditation holds the key to greater joy in life and wellness. My blog is about exploring the amazing benefits of meditation, based on latest scientific research....
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