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Outsourcing Financial Services
United States, California

The blog is about the outsourcing services available in the finance field aka accounting,bookkeeping, taxation, financial analysis, banking and payroll processing.Also I write about the security aspect and the latest technology used by CPA firms....
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The Negotiation Board
United States, Washington
Negotiation, everybody does it whether they know it or not and yet most people shy away from it. We hope to help inform people that anyone can be a great negotiator; it just takes a little practice.

Jonathan and Jennifer Martin are both graduates from the University of Washington Business School and hope to use their experience and education to help anyone learn how to negotiate.

Remember Everything is Negotiable and Anyone can do it!...
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Financial Advice
United States, Utah
Solid advice on how to have solid financial footing in any economic climate....
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Small Business CPA Blog
United States, Washington
Small Business Bookkeeping & Tax Information....
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Home Mortgage Refinance
United States, California
USLOANZ offers many different types of loans. These include mortgage loans, loan modification services and mortgage refinancing . If your bad credit is stopping you from refinancing your mortgage,then this is the place to be....
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Think Billion
United States, California
The financial blog for and about billions and billionaires....
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Andrea Passive Income - The way to financially free
Asia, Malaysia
Andrea's blog is all about how to create passive income and achieve financial freedom in Malaysia. So you can quit your day job and live life to the fullness.
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Funding Your Dream Home Blog
United States, Pennsylvania
Gateway Funding can help you make home ownership simple. Gateway Funding has a variety of home loads and mortgages to suit your finance needs....
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United States, New York
I am building this blog to help people understand the best Certificate Of Deposit rates and also for people looking for information on the foreign currency exchange as these are two topics that I find very interesting....
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Student Loans Guide
United States, Alabama
Student Loans Guide offering students various loans available for school....
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Professional Loans Blog
United States, Georgia-USA
A professional finance blog dedicated to discussing all kinds of loans and debts. --- A professional finance blog dedicated to discussing all kinds of loans and debts including payday loans, school loans, student loans, equity loans, home loans, personal loans, auto loans, debt consolidation and more....
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Credit Card Debt Tips
United States, Alabama
Site offers good information on credit card debt with tips and resources involving all types of debts and bankruptcy....
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Personal Finance Advice
United States, Utah
A blog about ways to save money and prosper in these economic times....
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General Insurance Articles
United States, Alabama
You want cheap insurance quotes from respected providers. No matter how good a price is, it is always better to put your money with a company that has a good record of service to itís customers....
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Alternative Investment Blog
United States, Pennsylvania
Blog with unbiased education on forex, futures, private placement, alternative investments, managed accounts, hedge funds and more....
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