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Apocalypso's Atomic Arcade
Africa, South Africa
My Blog is all about entertainment, especially video games, but also movies, music and such.

I like anything to do with games, computers, and entertainment. I comment on the latest happenings in the industry, share my interests, and I also write reviews of game both old and new, which I link to from my blog.
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The Wrath Of El Nino
United States, New York
So what the hell is this blog about? You got me. Seriously, if I knew what I was doing here, I’d be getting paid for it, BELIEVE ME!

I guess I would have to say that I just like posting random stuff here I find interesting, enraging, intriguing, etc. I created this page as I was coming out of a nasty video game addiction, so I guess you could say this is my therapy :)

~The Nino
Blog created: October 20th, 2008...
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Europe, Italy
Blog related to internet, software , tutorial and entertainment!...
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Asia, South Korea
Hollywood Star / Asia-star / pop star, model, celebrity Wallpapers /1680x1050/1920x1200/22560x1600 wide Wallpapers / Daily Update....
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South America, Venezuela
Information of general character of Venezuela and the world. The present time, entertainment, technology and curiosities....
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Artificial Owl - Abandoned man-made creations
United States, California
The most fascinating abandoned man-made creations.
+ Their story & location
+ Updated daily. ...
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T and A Clips
North America, Canada
Video clips of celebrities...
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Find Fringe
United States, California
Find Fringe information about the Hit TV show on FOX by JJ Abrams. You can find episodes, easter eggs, polls, news, and reviews - even a forum all on one location....
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United States, New York
All thing that i like to write and shared with another people in this world. It something like new brand technology, computer, gadgets, information, news, and many more!...
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Xpresi Riau Pos
Asia, Indonesia
Online Edition of Riau Teenager Newspaper...
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New Artists, New Music, New World
United States, Utah
With hundreds of New Artist Radio’s talented artists to choose from, sometimes it can be a challenge to find the very best. Brent1 and Brent2 spend hours combing through every artist, looking for the best NAR has to offer, and love every minute of it. Why? Well, they’re weird like that. They bring it to you, mix it with a touch of useless trivia, a dash of comedy followed by the play button....
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United States, New Jersey provides a unique take on the world of popular culture; with new posts 5-9 times a day, we write long-form comedic cultural articles, shorter music reviews of independent artists, lots of daily features that mix our fresh brand of humor with current events, as well as original videos, music of our own, the occasional webcomic and essentially all things that fit under the umbrellas of Music, Culture, and Entertainment. ...
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Online Documentaries 4 U
Oceania, Australia
The best place to watch free online documentaries on the web!
No old stuff - no taped lectures.
Only quality documentaries relating to current issues and popular topics....
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Transcendental Wisdom Blog
Asia, India
about the Wisdom of Transcendence ...
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United States, California
evirtualpie is leading information source for jobs,finance,employment, bulletin, relationship,technology, advice, healing, entertainment, Free classifieds. ...
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