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My Audiobook Blog
Europe, UK
My Audiobook blog reviews audiobooks that I have downloaded to listen to in my car as I drive about the country. My tastes are quite broad so in the mix you will find not only the usual blockbusters but also biographies, science fact, history and language tuition. The books are categorised by genre, length, whether they are abridged or unabridged and also by who narrates them. Narration is particularly important for audiobook enjoyment so each review contains not just the reviews of the text but...
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Jacket & Spine
Oceania, Australia
A book review site set up by freelance journalist, editor, writer and manic bibliophile Marisa Wikramanayake....
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Literary Greatness
United States, Colorado
Weekly updates with famous books and author bios. Great literature. The writing of literature. Reading. ...
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Amici di Pickwicki
Europe, Italy
Letteratura e web, la nostra grande passione! Vogliamo sentire l'odore della carta dei libri, ma non ci basta: vogliamo anche interagire on line. Viva Samuel Pickwick!...
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Asia, Pakistan
quran recetation, translation, books, audio and videos, basic islam, faqs and much more...
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Education Blog
United States, New York
The Guardian's blog on education, teaching and schools....
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famous urdu novels
Asia, Pakistan
here you can download free urdu novels and books...
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Digital Books
United States, Washington
The website of the digital-book readers. Discover the most interesting books and novels. All books available in digital format. Fiction, historical novel, data books, all sorts of books....
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Pleasant Spot
United States, California
Pleasant Spot is a place which brings you pleasure. Be it books, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, music and movies, you have wide range of products....
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Artseblis Reads
Asia, Philippines
Pushing 60 reads a year. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Historical Thrillers, YAs, and Science Fiction. No Fuss, no frills, just very personal book reviews....
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Sci-fi Bookworm
Europe, Portugal
This is a SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy) book review blog. I have been an avid reader since I can remember and I have been performing regular sci-fi reviews/critics (only for personal entertainment) since 2000! Follow the blog (updates also broadcast through facebook and twitter)....
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Think Like a Black Belt - The Blog
United States, Maine
There are answers to today's challenges in business, personal & professional life...Think Like a Black Belt!

Commentary and discussions with Jim Bouchard, speaker, media personality and author of Think Like a Black Belt....
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Book Collecting 101
United States, California
Information and resources for book collectors amd book readers....
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free Virtual (ebooks) books for you
Asia, Pakistan
You can download many types of books here without paying a single penny......
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The Book Nut's Reviews
United States, Ohio
This is where I review the books I read and listen to as audiobooks. I don't pretend to be a literary authority, I just love books and enjoy talking about them. I would love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to leave comments, good or bad! Thanks for visiting!...
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