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United States, California
Astounding 21st Century Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller, Adventure Novels!...
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Jacket & Spine
Oceania, Australia
A book review site set up by freelance journalist, editor, writer and manic bibliophile Marisa Wikramanayake....
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Literary Greatness
United States, Colorado
Weekly updates with famous books and author bios. Great literature. The writing of literature. Reading. ...
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Amici di Pickwicki
Europe, Italy
Letteratura e web, la nostra grande passione! Vogliamo sentire l'odore della carta dei libri, ma non ci basta: vogliamo anche interagire on line. Viva Samuel Pickwick!...
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Asia, Pakistan
quran recetation, translation, books, audio and videos, basic islam, faqs and much more...
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Education Blog
United States, New York
The Guardian's blog on education, teaching and schools....
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famous urdu novels
Asia, Pakistan
here you can download free urdu novels and books...
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Pleasant Spot
United States, California
Pleasant Spot is a place which brings you pleasure. Be it books, gadgets, gifts, jewelry, music and movies, you have wide range of products....
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Digital Books
United States, Washington
The website of the digital-book readers. Discover the most interesting books and novels. All books available in digital format. Fiction, historical novel, data books, all sorts of books....
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Artseblis Reads
Asia, Philippines
Pushing 60 reads a year. Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Mystery, Historical Thrillers, YAs, and Science Fiction. No Fuss, no frills, just very personal book reviews....
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Sci-fi Bookworm
Europe, Portugal
This is a SFF (Science Fiction and Fantasy) book review blog. I have been an avid reader since I can remember and I have been performing regular sci-fi reviews/critics (only for personal entertainment) since 2000! Follow the blog (updates also broadcast through facebook and twitter)....
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Think Like a Black Belt - The Blog
United States, Maine
There are answers to today's challenges in business, personal & professional life...Think Like a Black Belt!

Commentary and discussions with Jim Bouchard, speaker, media personality and author of Think Like a Black Belt....
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Book Collecting 101
United States, California
Information and resources for book collectors amd book readers....
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free Virtual (ebooks) books for you
Asia, Pakistan
You can download many types of books here without paying a single penny......
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The Book Nut's Reviews
United States, Ohio
This is where I review the books I read and listen to as audiobooks. I don't pretend to be a literary authority, I just love books and enjoy talking about them. I would love to hear your feedback so don't hesitate to leave comments, good or bad! Thanks for visiting!...
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