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Asia, India
A general weblog related to entertainment, news, current stories around the World, gossips, videos, humor, funny, web, internet, love, dating, personals, open source, quotes, quotations, blog, blogging, vlog, vlogging, videoblog, videoblogging, informations etc. ...
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Parerea mea
Europe, Romania
Un blog personal unde se scrie despre absolut orice....
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The Wizard Space-Numerology Blog
United States, Pennsylvania
Blog site of Psychic Entertainer Jakob Steele. Blog concerns issues in Numerology and Divination....
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Covient-SAP Business One Solution Provider
United States, California
Covient, a California, based Software outsourcing company provides Software Outsourcing services, Offshore Software development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services and Web marketing solutions to our clients globally. We have our Client base from various industries like E-commerce, Enterprise solutions, Software development companies....
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Ikey Benney's Blog
United States, New York
Ikey Benney's Blog...
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Freshly Squeezed
United States, Florida
This blog is devoted to the absurd. It is always family friendly, but guaranteed to be bizarre. I enjoy examining the impossible, wordplay, and the uncategorizable. ...
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My Blog on Boats
United States, Alabama
My Blog on boats and boat related stuff....
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Anzoategui Vive
South America, Venezuela
Blog de analisis y comentarios de los sucesos ocurridos en Barcelona, Anzoategui, Venezuela y el mundo....
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Free Blogging
United States, Arizona
SoulCast - Free Blogs, Personal Blogs, Anonymous Blogging in Privacy...
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Thoughts from the Sidelines
Europe, UK
Thoughts from the Sidelines offers thoughts, observations and general musings concerning the world as it is today, with a subtle injection of humour. Covers news, opinions, technology, curious facts and humour....
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CPA Exam Blog
United States, Kentucky
Keep up to date on infomration on We offer information and tips on passing the CPA exam....
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Between Ellipsis
Asia, India memory of all that was, is and will be left suspended... unsaid... unexpressed... and will die, satisfied, where they were born... somewhere between those ellipsis... ...
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Spiritual Journey - BitterSweetLife
United States, Missouri
Words and pictures for the spiritual journey :: Creative writing, poetry, photography :: Hoops and books thrown in :: Why is life bittersweet? Glad you asked....
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Mac of Bellingen
Oceania, Australia
Feast your eyes on my face for Quirk! Hewn from the Rock, Sculptured from the Dust. Stone for Bone, I am Mac, and very pleased to meet you.

So stood the Artist's Statement for Ian McArthur at the pinnacle of his career, for the award winning design, 'Earth's Curve', his most ambitious piece and supreme winner of the prestigious Gemmological Association of Australia's Australian Gemstones in Jewellery Design Awards for the year 2000.

After a string of awards you are still likely to f...
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Rocking Idea
Asia, India
A general blog to share & discuss various ideas on various topics...
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