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Secret Monologues
Europe, Romania
A little bit of everything from a single point of view....
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Europe, Romania
An online diary... more or less......
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WeBlog For Everyone
Asia, India is a blog mainly focusing on ‘India’ and its presence in the futuristic world, Technology & some General Topics too. India in the way 'We' see it and the way 'We' understand it...
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Watches more than time
Asia, Thailand
Blog about many watches and detail of is....
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Shopping tips
United States, Alabama
A regularly updated blog on shopping where you can find shopping tips and suggestions....
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Passione Web Marketing
Europe, Italy
Salvy's Blog. Web Marketing and more!...
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Jamie's Blog
Europe, UK
Personal blog about music, fashion and general shizz....
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Tara Duveanu. Confesiuni
Europe, Romania
The personal blog of a young writer, stories from her life and relations - in english, french and romanian. ...
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United States, Alabama
Blog Business, online marketing, SEO, Games, Gadget, PDA, Cellulers, Notebook, Laptop...
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lollitta's blog
Europe, Romania
insemnari de departe cu gandul acasa. un pic de poezie, umor si alte lucruri interesante...
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Web2.0 News India
Asia, India
Web 2.0 and Technology Startups News Web Blog Profiling next generation Web sites, Web2.0 Applications and Services in India and across the Globe....
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Open source and Computer technology
United States, California
Open source and Computer technology...
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blogul lui gabi
Europe, Romania
blog personal despre pescuit, bursa, calatorii, rulote, retete culinare, bancuri, orasul Moreni, platforma centrala din Marea Neagra...
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The Health Word
United States, Oregon
Health articles written frequently to create health awareness by getting you angry, by getting your attention and by getting you to understand our current health care paradigm so that you can start to change your own belief system.
The Health Word was founded by Dr. Malik and is here to spread the word on health....
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United States, Tennessee
An amazing site. It has poetry, stories, Bible passages. A prayer request email. ...
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