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Jeep, Land Rover and Range Rover news
North America, Canada
Offering the latest news regarding Jeeps, Land Rovers and Range Rovers. Accredited media source with Ford and DaimlerChrysler. On-site reports from offroad events....
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Auto News and Auto Parts
United States, Iowa
Offers practical and useful information about Autos and Auto Parts sourced from Automotive experts as well as ordinary drivers and car lovers....
Blog Details > Hits: 2987 > Date Added: 16-11-2006
MGB Hobby Classic Car Restoration
North America, Canada
A 1978 MGB Roadster Classic Car restoration. A description of a british car restoration. Restoring My 1978 MGB Roadster. In 1992 I bought my first car, a 1978 Brooklands Green MGB roadster. I have gone through 3 engine rebuilds since then and the car is in a constant state of repair. The pure joy of driving the MG makes up for all of the hours spent working on it....
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Review Cars - Sports Cars & Car Tuning Resources
United States, Alabama
Sports Cars, Cars Review & Car Tuning Resources...
Blog Details > Hits: 2722 > Date Added: 15-8-2006
Ford Car Junkie
United States, California
Offers news, expert tips, personal advise and more valuable resources for Ford cars....
Blog Details > Hits: 2693 > Date Added: 23-11-2006
The Road Reporter
United States, Iowa
Know more about your car from your prespective. This blog offers excellent automotive information, news and tips.
Blog Details > Hits: 2501 > Date Added: 16-11-2006
Auto Buff by Sarah
United States, Alabama
Offers vital information about the automotive industry plus tips on where you can buy quality auto parts....
Blog Details > Hits: 2471 > Date Added: 22-11-2006
Ford Driver's Journal
United States, California
I know where to find the best Ford parts deals in the internet. So if you think you need to have the best Ford auto parts, better ask me.
Blog Details > Hits: 2342 > Date Added: 23-11-2006
Car Examiner-Car Information & Media
United States, Missouri
Read about some of the sweetest cars on the planet. This page contains specs and pictures of each car that I post. Keep checking back to read about new cars!...
Blog Details > Hits: 2259 > Date Added: 21-1-2007
The Car Monomaniac
United States, Tennessee
Practical and useful automotive information right at your fingertips; with tips on auto parts and auto maintenance and repair.
Blog Details > Hits: 2134 > Date Added: 25-11-2006
Auto Parts Stores Online
United States, California
Provides useful, practical and relevant useful automotive information plus tips on where to find the best auto parts....
Blog Details > Hits: 2100 > Date Added: 15-11-2006
Race By Design Blog
United States, Washington
Race By Design is a motorsports company that helps select parts depending on individual goals and budget. We offer performance auto parts and performance packages for the car enthusiast and autocross driver in you! Race By Design specializes in Ford Focus, Acura RSX, Honda S2000, Mini Cooper, Subaru WRX/STI, Mazda Miata, Porsche Cayman and Boxster auto parts.
Our blog provides overviews on our company's products, racing news, project car updates and autocross regulation changes....
Blog Details > Hits: 2065 > Date Added: 5-2-2007
Land Rover Chronicles
United States, California
The online source for Land Rover and Range Rover news, reviews and blogs....
Blog Details > Hits: 1947 > Date Added: 5-4-2008
Used Cars West Palm Beach
United States, Florida
A Blog about selling used cars, the auto industry in general, and web marketing for the auto industry....
Blog Details > Hits: 1892 > Date Added: 3-2-2007
Eco cars blog
Europe, Romania
About electric cars, cars with solar panels, biodiesel, all kinds of ecological cars....
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