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Painting Journal
United States, Michigan
Jill Stefani Wagner's Painting Journal highlights her recent pastel and watercolor paintings. Jill's landscape, floral and figurative images are filled with color and light and are available for sale through the artist....
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Cheeky Monkey Murals
United States, Alabama
Holly Johnson paints unique murals and designs for babies, kids and adults in the boston area. Holly works in Wellesley...
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Unique Handmade Jewelry
United States, New York
choose customize and unique handmade jewelry including handcrafted gemstones, unique handcrafted jewelry, precious gemstones Jewelry, handmade beaded jewelry and custom bridal jewelry...
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Curls of Sunshine
United States, Alabama
numerous links to free crochet, knitting, sewing and embroidery patterns...
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From looking to seeing
Europe, Russian Federation
Looking at exhibitions, festivals, human agents, films, theatres, performances, internet websites and other sources, we collect innovative or simply fascinating ideas, tendencies and interesting projects in order to see a broader picture of the contemporary cultural life...
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ExViGalleries Black Art Talk
United States, Georgia-USA
We want to introduce to you our online black art gallery, Expressive Visions. It has been in business since 2007 and its sister website is Expressive Visions. The owner is artist and entrepreneur, Tina M. Phillips. She is the founder and president of Expressive Visions that she started in 2005. The business represents Black artists and African American art online. ...
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Dance Tank
Europe, Norway
A 'learn to dance' blog. Video instruction, tips and articles....
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Blog Odd Designer
Europe, Ukraine
Blog about art, photography, web design, ads, architecture, creative device...
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Quermoslo o no
South America, Chile
This blog reflects part of the daily work of visual artist Alvaro Oyarzun, who lives and works in Chile. Drawings, paintings and comics are a part of this work. This is his first semi-official blog....
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ARCHIBLOCK, Arquitectura Urbanismo
South America, Uruguay
Blog de Arquitectura, Urbanismo y Dise�o. El mundo de la construcci�n e innovaci�n tecnol�gica en un solo lugar. Todo lo que interesa a Urbanistas, Arquitectos y Dise�adores de todo el mundo y todas las especialidades...
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Ballroom dance blog
United States, Idaho
Want to Learn to Dance in the Privacy of Your Own Home? We Have the Answer for You! Dance Classes, Online! with video instructions with dance steps. Get free tips and updates for Ballroom dance....
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Peruvian Handicraft
South America, Peru
Experienced professional Peruvian artisans have created Art in your hands site in order to show you the best Cold Porcelain Handmade Crafts and many other products from our culture, Peru....
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Europe, Russian Federation
This blog contain myself created 3d models, and models created by my friends.
Tutorials that will help to go into 3d world for novices.
Free textures, and materials for various rendering software....
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Europe, Sweden
Two Danish sisters writing about arts, music, beauty, fashion and their love of French macarons, tea, innovative design and of course Scandinavia. The visual content is intriguing and different - filled with loads of photography shoots of and around Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark....
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Machine Embroidery Designs
United States, Alabama
Machine embroidery is what were all about at OPW Embroidery Design Gallery. We have 100,000s of embroidery designs all under one roof, created by professional digitizers with a high standard of quality. We know machine embroidery designs, and we know youre going to love our instant service. We have embroidery services and supplies available as well. Come and visit us! Youll be glad you did. ...
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