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Europe, Italy
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, Arts, Communication, Photografy, Literature...
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Stained Glass - professional tips and techniques
North America, Canada
Stained glass artists trained in England's oldest studio, founded in 1788, discuss all aspects involved in the creation of their work from their studio in beautiful Vancouver, BC....
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Ghosts of the great Highway
United States, New York
News and updates for Robert Mars collage artwork....
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C7 Studio
United States, Alabama
A blog dedicated to showcasing the art we make. For outdoor and indoor environments, we provide beautiful and functional art pieces to accent the home, office, or garden. C7 Studio specializes in unique designs as well as refurbished items. ...
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Aberatii Sonore
Europe, Romania
Blog Alex Sofronea. Aberatii pe teme diferite. Aberez prin sunet, video, imagine statica, limbaj si text....
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Europe, UK
Pareidoliac is an Inspiration Hunter. This is his blog about living in different cities, interacting with different arts and cultures, and experimenting with globalizing a life....
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Ballroom dance blog
United States, Idaho
Want to Learn to Dance in the Privacy of Your Own Home? We Have the Answer for You! Dance Classes, Online! with video instructions with dance steps. Get free tips and updates for Ballroom dance....
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Europe, Russian Federation
This blog contain myself created 3d models, and models created by my friends.
Tutorials that will help to go into 3d world for novices.
Free textures, and materials for various rendering software....
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Zuza Fun
United States, Pennsylvania
Contemporary art, content for leisure & relaxation consisting of bizarre, new & exciting imagery....
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Ashes & Milk
United States, Illinois
Ashes & Milk is an online gallery space founded on the principle that a lot can be created from very little. We are driven by modern ideas with a reverence for traditional methods and believe that the things we bring into our homes should have a soul and a sense of history....
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ExViGalleries Black Art Talk
United States, Georgia-USA
We want to introduce to you our online black art gallery, Expressive Visions. It has been in business since 2007 and its sister website is Expressive Visions. The owner is artist and entrepreneur, Tina M. Phillips. She is the founder and president of Expressive Visions that she started in 2005. The business represents Black artists and African American art online. ...
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Unique Handmade Jewelry
United States, New York
choose customize and unique handmade jewelry including handcrafted gemstones, unique handcrafted jewelry, precious gemstones Jewelry, handmade beaded jewelry and custom bridal jewelry...
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Two Cent's Worth
Asia, Philippines
Interesting art works. . . from the obscure to the renowned. . . in appreciation of mankind's collective genius. . ....
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The Most Popular Unique Tattoos
Asia, Indonesia
There are a lot of tattoo pictures that available on this site, from a bunch of tattoos gallery that contain of cool, unique, and also from the celebrity which is crazy in tattoo and cheap tattoo design, dig it and experience more link inside....
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Chasing Vincent - Art History. Oil Painting
United States, Arkansas
Consider Vincent van Gogh, who began his oil painting career at the age of 27 with limited resources and only 10 years to develop his work. Following in his footsteps with much better resources but considerably less free time, will his artistic journey be obtainable?...
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