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 Because nothing compares with the love and devotion of a pet, in this category you will find information  about them, whether you are loving dogs, cats or other animals.
 Always eager for attention, the animals are also present in the blogosphere.
 Dogs and cats have made blogs and keep us informed about the smallest details of their lives.
Animals Blogs
Of Cats
United States, Alabama
A blog about cats, wild and domestic....
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Adventures in Raising Chickens
United States, West Virginia
A funny site about the love, stress, and just sheer craziness of raising chickens. Also contains some useful tips on Ameraucana chickens and building chicken coops. ...
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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs
United States, California
Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog information, breeders with Alapaha bulldog puppies for sale, resources, training guides and news concerning this rare bulldog breed....
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Dogs Breeds
United States, New York
Find the breed of your dog and enjoy the pictures and videos, descriptions of the most beautiful races in the world....
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English Bulldog Abbie's Multimedia Life
United States, Utah
Bulldog Abbie the Multimedia Life of an English Bulldog. Follow the adventures of an English Bulldog named Abbie; with lots of fun photos and videos, favorite things like puppy friendly treat recipes and cute craft projects, news, articles, and lots more....
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Sammy The Serial Killer Cat
United States, California
Sammy the Serial Killing cat, beware rodents of San Diego there is a new exterminator in town. Sammy is an orange tabby cat that doesn’t let anyone get away, check out his recent catches on this fun blog....
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Joshua Barber Fine Art
United States, Virginia
Characterized by bold lines, glowing colors and gold leaf on hand-weathered paper, Joshua Barber’s pieces have the aura of ancient icons. His work explores how simple human interactions reveal the poignant pull of love and separation.

Joshua’s work is represented in numerous private collections throughout the country and internationally....
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United States, Alabama
This blog is meant for all dog owners who look forward to build a better relationship with their dog.It provides information about the right ways to train a dog....
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Senior Dog Product Reviews
North America, Canada
Dog Quality - Providing products to improve the quality of your dog's life. Shop for items that can help your senior dog with bladder control, weight control and that can assist dogs facing physical challenges....
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Asia, India
tamil cinema latest news.etc...
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Questions About Cats
Asia, India
This cat-owners' bible covers everything you need to know about caring for your pet from birth through to old age....
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Cegah Satwa Punah
Asia, Indonesia
Cegah Satwa Punah is blog that created to give people information about endanger species. We hope this blog can make people aware of that many endanger species in this world which need protection....
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Economia Excel
Europe, Spain
Plantillas y modelos Excel aplicados a la economía y a los negocios...
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Pets - Advice, Information and Stories
United States, Nevada
Timely Pet News and Information. Share your pet tips, advice, stories and photos with our readers. We will publish all appropriate material - space allowing. Updated daily....
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Dog Health
Asia, Afghanistan
Dogs - man's best friend, a faithful companion and ally since prehistoric times. This wonderful animal will be discussed here extensively, how to take care of your dog health, updates, stories, and so much more....
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