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We are travel blog with simple definition is budget travel.
We want to show off all our experiences about travel, fun destination and more
As well as how to have cheap travel with smartest way, where to eat when you experien, dorm, which hostel is good, beautiful view,...
And more than, we want to build a blog with more imformation about travel. Example: we want to introduce food, destination specific at Vietnam, Asian, EU, UK,... and so on. Not only beautiful views, sences you can check in but also good food, traditional culture at everywhere,...
With us, we think you will need more useful imformation, wonderful experiencs, connect your friends on trips.
With us- you will understand about How you start making your dream of travel around the world come true
with us, don’t think “travel is expensive”, that travelers had to very rich to travel overseas, travel is better you think, it’s cheap and save budget travel more
with us, travel is also a diary where we share our journey conquering every countries in the world, inspire people to dare (their own) journeys. Maybe start travelling, maybe do one new thing every day, that is “journey” meaning.
So, each trips, we decided to share systematically on my blog, hopefully helping people around the world who don’t know what we know have a better preparation and more relaxing travelling time.

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