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Egypt, Cradle of Civilization
Africa, Egypt
Egypt, Cradle of Civilization provides you with all the information you need to know about Egypt from the point of view of local experts. Whether you plan to travel to Egypt, take a travel tour there, enjoy a Nile cruise, spend your vacation or holiday in Egypt or visit ancient Egypt, then Egypt, Cradle of Civilization blog is where to land for specific details. The blog covers everywhere in Egypt; Cairo, Giza, Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, etc....
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Hicham Maged's blog
Africa, Egypt
Hicham Maged's official blog which renders his perspective for our life....
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Masr wa Touness
Africa, Egypt
"Masr wa Touness" means "Egypt and Tunisia" in arabic. Egypt is the country of my father. Tunisia is the country of my mother. Switzerland is the country where I was born and always lived since then.

Masr wa Touness is a bridge. A bridge between me and the reader, between inside and outside, between East and West, Europe and Africa, between Egypt and Tunisia and Switzerland, my three countries.

One Love, One World, One Family. ...
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Abu simbul
Africa, Egypt
This Web site tells the story of the discovery the Antiquities sunken city of Alexandria, And gives accurate information about Planning to build The first museum under the water for Antiquities of sunken The world in the city of Alexandria, We offer a wonderful vision How to watch for sunken antiquities In the depths of the sea Either by scuba diving Or view by entering the museum, And provides a vision for Tourist services, projected to be available with the building of the museum...
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books for download
Africa, Egypt
download books for free or download cheap books - download healthy books, cookbooks, medical books, education books and books on other categories ...
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The Cairo Experiment
Africa, Egypt
Exciting? Exquisite? Exotic? Excruciating? However you want to describe it, it all depends on which angle you view it from. The Cairo Experiment delves into the bowels of one of the oldest and most diverse cities in the world from the eyes of an inconspicuous observer....
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Full of Articles
Africa, Egypt
FullofArticles.Info get mass articles in hundreds of niche fields to be a helpful connection between writers and readers....
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Portal of News Articles - Drama Forum
Africa, Egypt
Drama Forum Containing the most important articles and topics of interest to the world and other world events is interested in Art, Sports, world news, business, video, tech reviews, Politics, health, science and entertainment news...
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ARCHI consulting & architectural design
Africa, Egypt
Pioneers in the field of architectural design and management of architectural projects where we always satisfy our customers and gain their trust, which gives us a distinctive character and the name for business in world architecture. We have, in recent years the work of the architectural design and construction of many projects covering all areas [Investment Projects (hospitals, shopping centers, entertainment and five-star hotels) and housing projects (villas and buildings and palaces)]...
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Holiday in Egypt
Africa, Egypt
Egypt is probably the world's oldest civilization having emerged from the Nile Valley around 3,100 BC, historically. Egypt is probably one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun, and to see the wonders of some of mankind's earliest triumphs....
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